Today a quick look at the impact of COVID-19 lockdown in Tamil Nadu, one of India's RE powerhouses.

After reaching a nadir of 40%, TN's daily electricity consumption is now ~10% below the same time last year (gaps = missing days in 2019, hence I can't calculate yoy change)
As with Maharashtra, the decline has overwhelmingly fallen on state level thermal generation, whose share in total gen has fallen 10-20 percentage points
Market and over the counter purchases, as well as central generating stations, have maintained their share even as demand declined.

You've got to ask yourself: if state level thermal is so expensive, can't we start to retire more of it?
The share of wind and solar in generation has not picked up at all in comparison to either the pre-lockdown shares, or the same time last year. With demand down 30% why has must-run solar and wind not picked up share?
Also we seem to be waiting for the monsoon uptick in wind generation: by the end of April 2019, wind and solar was at a ~20% market share, compared to the current level of <10%.

I will do a future thread about whether this is due to wind-speeds, or other reasons.
A final mention of what I had to do to get even this very partial data:
1. Write a script to automate date entry to the drop down menu.
2. Download 493 pdf files.
3. Digitize 493 pdf files.

For your delectation, an example pdf file attached.
This is really unacceptable. Amendments to the E-Act under consideration seem to prioritise centralization:
they should also consider transparency and consumer engagement.
Make data available at state level: it will have appreciable governance benefits in the mid-term.
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