I'm happy to explain to progressives how they ended up where they are, and what they should do to end their time in the wilderness- but much like the advice I give to the mainstream wing of the party- it will be tough medicine to swallow https://www.politico.com/news/2020/05/18/progressives-democratic-party-despair-255675
I've discussed this before but I'll recap here. This a bell curve. Bell curves are handy bc they give us the distribution of most things in nature: height, weight, IQ, and ideology. Hard core Bernie people, like their far-right equivalents are from the extremes of the curve
Being from 1 of the 2 tails of the distribution has a massively distorting effect. The alt-left media lives over in the tails. Like the alt-right media, many of the alt-left media hosts have an incentive to be fiery and controversial bc it helps drive engagement and viewers
Ooops I hit tweet early. I will continue the thread- hold on
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