Judge Sullivan's son was arrested for beating & raping an underage girl & leaving her for dead in 2012...

Then he was rearrested for child porn in a sting that webbed 900 ppl.

It took some SERIOUS digging to even find that Judge Emmit Sullivan had children.

It came from an obituary when his father Emmet A Sullivan died in 2006
Survived by US District Judge Emmet G Sullivan & 2 grandkids:
Emmet A. Sullivan II (Gayle) & Erik G Sullivan
#Qanon #WWG1WGA
A search of Emmet A Sullivan II (Gayle) does indeed have appropriate age, location, and ties to father corrupt Flynn Judge Emmet G Sullivan.

The son does indicate having criminal records. He has many aliases. Unsure where Gayle comes in.

Is this what the #DeepState has?
How does Judge Emmet Sullivan get so many high profile, monumental cases?

Let's look at Judge Emmet Sullivan's work

Case #1. Senator Ted Stevens convicted of 7 felonies. Sullivan REFUSED requests by defense for mistrial after prosecutors withheld BRADY evidence
8 days after guilty verdict Stevens NARROWLY lost his reelection bid.

As more evidence of prosecutorial misconduct became known by the DEPT OF JUSTICE PROBE, prosecutors requested the case be dismissed!!

Sullivan appointed lawyer 2 investigate misconduct
1 hung himself
Case #2
Judicial Watch vs IRS

We all remember how Obama weaponized IRS to attack conservative groups & how they got away with that, missing & deleted emails.

Case #3
FOIA Act vs Hillary Clinton's emails in 2015. Another farce/sham investigation that they have silenced
Case #4
ACLU & illegal alien VS TRUMP DOJ/ Jeff Sessions

Emmet Sullivan forced the plane down which was carrying the illegal alien & her children & forced them back into the US. Was going to hold Sessions in contempt of court if he didn't comply

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #JudgeSullivan
Case #5
Blumenthal vs Trump
Involving payments by foreign governments to Trump-owned hotels. Of course Emmet sided against Trump, but court of appeals reversed his corrupt order. Trump eventually won

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #The200 #QArmy #COVID19 #JudgeSullivan
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