🚨 Tonight I officially changed my voter registration and left the party that gave us Donald Trump in order to join the party that gave us Barack Obama.

I couldn’t be more happy and excited about the change! Let’s go save the nation!

Come celebrate with me 💜 🎉
Part 1: why I left the GOP. I honestly cannot stand how careless they are with democracy. The vast majority overwhelmingly approve of trump. The rest that say nothing are just as bad.
Part 2- why I joined the Democratic Party: I left out (Woops) that I believe we need at *least* a public option for healthcare, the fact that we desperately, need to make decisions on science, and the fact that I enthusiastically support the LGTBQ+ community, immigrants, and POC.
Part 3: From now until November- I don’t blame you if you just want to block out all the political noise, and then vote in November. And thanks to you all💜
A lot of you are retweeting and tagging this thread at @realDonaldTrump and it makes me so happy 🤣🤣🤣
For anyone wondering: I still believe in a strong national defense (although we should be shifting resources to cyber) I lean pro-life (I don’t want abortions out of simply convenience) and I want to strive for fiscal responsibility. My solutions now include blue ones.
For example, one way to help the budget deficit would be a wealth tax. I think @ewarren’s plan is particularly well thought out. Dem solution to what I had thought was a Republican problem.

But also, we straight up need a better healthcare system, which is blue of me.
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