In 1981, when Rawlings came to power, Ghana’s Shipping Line, the BlackStar Line, had 14 vessels. By the time he left power he had shut down the Black Star Line which Nkrumah built, he and Tsikata sold all of the 14 vessels, and rendered citizens who worked as seamen jobless.
Under Jerry Rawlings, the Ghana Railways Corporation collapsed. There used to be a transport service called the Omnibus Service Authority (OSA). Where is it? It collapsed under Rawlings. Ghana Airways underwent a debt of $130 million under him.
There were no jobs in the country, yet Rawlings called on the entire country in a campaign message that was picked up by the BBC to boycott Appiah-Menka Factory’s products just because Appiah-Menka a full-blooded Ghanaian entrepreneur belonged to a different political ideology.
In April 1999, a year before he and his NDC were to lose power, Rawlings personally supervised the bulldozing of Alhaji Yusuf’s newly completed and fully furbished multimillion dollar hotel which was not supported by any court order.
Rawlings ordered and supervised the abduction, murder, and burning of a mother whose infant didn't taste her breast milk. Remember Justice Koranteng (a lactating mother) Remember the other Justices who were murdered and their remains burnt on orders from Rawlings at Bundase?
Giwa was so tortured that he had his manhood sliced off his body and shoved inside his mouth before his death. There were gruesome and disgraceful stripping of our mothers naked on the streets and the subjection of them to whips all because they had dared sold items for profit.
The democracy we now have is a result of constant agitation within our country by the then anti-PNDC groups and also by the international financial institutions who insisted that they’ll cut finances to our country if we don’t become democratic.
Some of you were young when the National Reconciliation Commission was set up by JAK in 2001 to compensate ppl who lost their genuine properties & family members during the PNDC regime. 19 yrs of living in fear, violence & oppression. They were given a national platform to speak.
"A good leader takes accountability"- @JohnAKufuor
I'd have BOLDLY said this was a lie Hon. Kennedy Agyapong was telling had I not personally been shown the scar on Hon. Boakye Agyarko's stomach and the story he told about it. It happened in the Rawlings era when Giwa staged an unsuccessful Coup D'état. People suffered.
Air Vice Marshall Yaw Boakye was killed by firing squad at Teshie Military Range for taking a bank loan of 50,000 old Cedis(now ¢50) which he was in the process of paying off. He couldn't return same energy when his wife Konadu took loan to buy Nsawam Canierry & didn't pay back.
Let it be on record that Rawlings killed Entrepreneurship in Ghana. Poku transport, GNTC, Kwewus motors, Siaw's Tata Osa. Yet, he didn't account to Ghanaians after leaving. Same "Probity & Accountability" he used to justify his killings.

"We shot people for less" - Kweku Baako.
Thanks to anyone that took time to read this THREAD! It wasn't in my intention to deliberately remind Ghanaians of our past. I know many of you and your families were victims just like myself. But the younger generation must NEVER accept this kind of TREACHEROUS leadership AGAIN!
The 4 bodies found in Bundase which were identified as the 3 Supreme Court Judges and q Major of GAF.

Never again should this happen in the history of our nation Ghana!

God continue to heal the families of Justice Koranteng, Justice Sarkodie, Justice Agyapong & Major Acquah.🙏
It wasn't Rawlings alone that eliminated the judges. Never forget these names too;

Capt. Kojo Tsikata
Joachim Amartey-Kwei
Mama Nsrowuo
Sgt. Alolga Akata Pore
Cpl. Amedeka

The Justice Crabbe Commission indicted these men.
Something interesting happened on February 4, 1982. A pressure group called MONAS, mounted resistance against the coup d’etat led by Rawlings, to restore the constitutional order, which he had thrown out of order on 31 December 1981.
Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr. was picked up in Takoradi from the residence of Chairman Freddie Blay, who had earlier at dawn been arrested at his Nima residence in Accra by a platoon of soldiers, armed to the teeth, and later taken to Takoradi.
It was Kwesi Pratt Jnr. managing who caused the arrest and detention of his long time friend; Kweku Baako, Freddy Blay and Messrs Kwasi A. Agbley.
Kwesi Pratt operated as a double agent who caused the arrest of his friend, Kweku Baako, and but for his timely intervention, Kweku Baako would have summarily been executed by Rawlings. He had links with the PNDC. No wonder he acts as a "neutral" spokesperson for them.
Wondered why Kwesi Pratt was the only person in the movement’s leadership to be picked up and detained for a month and released a day before Kweku Baako and the others were picked up from their various homes? Why weren’t all of them grabbed together?
Pratt was allegedly arrested on 4 January 1982 and it was only a day after he was allegedly released, early February, same year, that he & the rest of the MONAS leadership were picked up, detained in guardroom before being transferred to prison where they spent 9 to 30 months.
Agbley served 22 months, while Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jr. served 30 months, including a re-arrest after an initial spell of 24 months. He's really suffered in the hands of Rawlings. No wonder he speaks passionately about that revolution and regime.
At that time, there were difficulties between Kwasi Pratt and Kweku Baako and the others in the organisation. That's why he sold them out and lied he was arrested 14 times by Rawlings. Ask him which prisons he slept and his charges. He can't answer. Sell out man!
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