A thread about the similarities between yamac kocovali destiny and acts in cukur with Thomas shelby in the peaky blinders,here i Will bring events from both shows To prove that gokhan got inspired from the peaky blinders as well when he was writing #cukur #EfYam ++
So i Will start with Thomas and grace relationship,i Will tell you that grace has in Her sena and efsun,i Will explain you why,when Thomas met grace,he used To see nightmares,he wasnt able To sleep properly,in order To sleep he used To smell opium,the war in France #EfYam #cukur+
Affected his mental health,grace proposed To sing him a song To him,she asked him sad or happy,he said sad,she answered i Will break your heart,he said its already broken,the answer was brought in season 4 In which we discovered that T was in love before grace #cukur #EfYam ++
So T was in love with a women before he goes To war,in season one we saw a broken Thomas just like yamac in season 3,T like yamac avoided To be with grace in the beginning,because he lost the women he loved due to a disease,grace was a remedy just like efsun for y #EfYam #cukur +
Just like yamac Thomas avoided To admit his feelings for grace,but when she killed a man To protect him,and saved his life he wanted To be with her,after he slept with Her he got rid of the nightmares he was suffering from since he came back from war,G healed him #EfYam #cukur +
Yamac like Thomas loved two women,sena and efsun,he lost S in the end of season2,he killed his father,he wasnt able To sleep,T after the war wasnt able To sleep without consuming opium,he met grace who became his healer,y met E who brought him a moment of peace #cukur #EfYam +
I Said before that grace had in her sena and efsun,she is sena because Thomas loved Her,married her,she wanted him To have only legal business,sena wanted yamac To leave cukur and To lead a normal life,grace died because of thomas,sena died because of yamac #cukur #EfYam ++
Yamac felt guilty for sena death,the same happened To thomas,guilt took over him,he started seeing grace ghost,he couldnt bear the fact that she died because of him,he said my wife took a bullet that was for me,the feeling of guilt was shown in season4 and 5 #cukur #EfYam ++
Grace has in Her efsun as well,because when efsun met yamac, he was broken and mentally unstable,just like when Thomas met grace,efsun healed yamac with Her stories and hands,grace with Her beautiful voice and presence,both were the second love,for y and T #cukur #EfYam ++
In season 4 we knew that Thomas loved a girl before grace,Thomas had a friend called lizzie,a whore with whom he used To sleep after he came back from war,lizzie loved him,he made her his secretary,he slept with Her few times after grace death #cukur #EfYam ++
One day a communist girl brought Thomas first love subject,Thomas remembered his love for her,he then asked lizzie To meet him at a place in which he used To meet his first love,then he slept with lizzie,before that lizzie asked him,are you kissing me or Her #cukur #EfYam ++
As you can see i dont invent things,it was Put in the PB that way just like in cukur,a man thinking of another woman while having sex,Thomas thought of his first love while sleeping with lizzie,then lizzie got pregnant,does it look familiar To an Event in cukur? #cukur #EfYam +
Its almost the same idea that gokhan took and changed,lizzie just like nehir knew that Thomas was thinking of another woman in that moment but she didnt refuse him,she then got pregnant just like nehir,Thomas didnt love lizzie the same happened To yamac with nehir #cukur #EfYam +
Both Thomas and yamac took the responsibilty of their acts by accepting the baby,gokhan of course didnt do a copy paste for the events he got inspired, took the idea of thinking of another woman but changed it,Thomas thought of his first love,y thought of efsun #cukur #EfYam ++
Grace was Thomas second love but she died,efsun Will not die,she Will give yamac children he Will get married To her in the future,in the PB Thomas married lizzie,while he didnt love her,just because she got pregnant,yamac Will not marry Nehir,she Will die instead #cukur #EfYam +
So now lets move on To yamac destiny in comparison To thomas,in season 1 of the PB,Thomas had only a neighberhood To lead,he had some business To run,but he was ambicious and wanted To own the city,just like yamac in season 3 he wanted To take istanbul #cukur #EfYam ++
Thomas didnt own brimingham easily,he owned it after working for the british government,and entering politics in the end of season 2 and in season3,the same happened To yamac,his first attempt To take istanbul was a fiasco,he needs To become powerful so as To #cukur #EfYam ++
Take istanbul,yamac just like Thomas Will get involved in politics,and this was shown not only in PB,but in the godfather and edho,in order a mafia leader To control a City, he needs To have the government by his side and the police in his Pocket just like cagatay #cukur #EfYam +
Another common point is yamac relationship with his nephew akin,which resembles a bit To Thomas and his nephew Mikaël relationship,the common points are that,both of akin and Mikaël are young,intelligent,in a certain moment they were or became against y and T #cukur #EfYam ++
While akin was against y from the beginning and wanted To kill him in order To lead cukur,mikeal was with thomas,he was supportive and took care of his legal business,in season 5 Mikeal after losing a huge amount of money at wallstreet,lost Thomas confidence #cukur #EfYam ++
Thomas suspected Mikaël for betrayal,because he didnt listen To him when he asked him To sell the shares,in the end of season 5,mikeal proposed To his uncle a new business he wanted him To retire so as he leads,the opposite happened in cukur akin betrayed yamac #cukur #EfYam ++
From the beginning,he wanted To kill him so as he leads cukur,gokhan reversed the events,A after his betrayal,regretted and accepted To stand with Y,he Will in the coming episodes be Y strenght,he Will help him in taking decisions,he Will lead a part of the business #cukur #EfYam
Now i Will talk about Thomas changes,T before war,was a different boy,he was a guy who believed in love,who risked his life for his country,but after he came back from France,he changed,the war experience left a huge scar inside him,he was suffering,saw nightmares #cukur #EfYam +
He didnt accept To fall for grace,thats why he accepted when kimber proposed To sleep with her,but still he couldnt,his feelings for her stopped him for commiting such a mistake and he saved grace from kimber but still he didnt confess his love for her #cukur #EfYam ++
Thomas struggle for not falling for grace is like yamac struggle for not falling for efsun,just like Thomas yamac knew that efsun will become his weakness,so he burned Her picture,and went to kill Her but he couldnt,his feelings for her stopped him #cukur #EfYam +++
Grace just like efsun was Thomas ennemy she came for revenge,she wanted To avenge Her father death,but when she met Thomas she fell for him just like efsun fell for yamac,both G and E didnt expect that falling in love Will change their lives and plans of revenge #cukur #EfYam +++
Grace betrayed Thomas,the guns were found because of her, But she saved his life after that,she killed a man at the bar,and she helped Thomas To escape and hide,efsun wanted To take Her revenge by taking cukur,but she gave up on it,after Her confrontation with y #cukur #EfYam ++
Efsun saved yamac life,three times,she was his ennemy but became the woman he loves,just like grace for thomas,grace gave Thomas a hope,she helped him to get rid of the nightmares he was seeing since his comeback from war,he asked Her To help him and she did #cukur #EfYam ++
Just like yamac in episode 10 season 3,when yamac asked efsun for help,he told her,i would like To sleep even for an hour,then you can kill me later,he begged efsun for sleep,she like grace with Thomas helped him and she became his healer #cukur #EfYam ++
The first time Thomas and grace slept together,T said To G,that he doesnt hear the shovels anymore.Since T came back from war,he used To hear the shovels hitting the wall,G made them disappear,he then said Will you help me?G answered with what,T with everything #cukur #EfYam +
Now im going To talk about the love triangle between,thomas,campbel and grace, that resembles a bit To cagatay,yamac and efsun,both Thomas and campbel loved grace,but she loved only thomas,the same for efsun,she is loved by cagatay and yamac but she loves only y #cukur #EfYam ++
The common points between campbel and cagatay,both of them are obsessed lovers,they are intelligent,they know How To blackmail people,yamac worked for cagatay,Thomas worked for campbel,both Thomas and yamac hated campbel and cagatay #cukur #EfYam ++
When campbel learned about grace feelings for Thomas he wanted To get rid of T,the same Will happen in season 4,when cagatay comes back and learns about efsun love for yamac,grace shooted campbel,i think E Will do the same,if cagatay tries To impose himself on her #cukur #EfYam +
Now i Will go back To Thomas and yamac inner struggles,the trauma they suffered after their terrible losses,Thomas lost his wife then his brother,in the beginning of season 5 he was afraid To lose the power and the empire he build,y lost his wife,cousin and father #cukur #EfYam +
T was about To become crazy in season 5,he started seeing grace ghost,hearing voices that blame him for her death,he sometimes thought of suicide,y got crazy in season3,he recovered but still wasnt able To sleep,whenever he closed his eyes,he thought of his father #cukur #EfYam +
yamac and thomas heard voices,Thomas in season one saw always the same dream while sleeping,he with his friends at war in a tunnel,the same happened To y with his father,his father words and voice kept on resonating in his ears whenever he tried To sleep #cukur #EfYam +
After sena death,yamac was broken,hurt,he was suffering,he killed sedat with cold blood,since then yamac started To change,but him killing his father was the turning point,he went crazy,the old yamac died,a new yamac was born just like Thomas #cukur #EfYam +++
From season 1 of the PB To season 5 we have seen the change through which Thomas character went,he was already broken when he met grace but he lost a part of his humanity after Her death,he asked his brothers To kill a woman because Her husband ordered his death #cukur #EfYam ++
Thomas wanted To torture changreta,he wanted To take his eyes off,To tear his members To make him suffer till dawn,but his brothers stopped him,they killed him on the spot and said,we are not like that,means even our ennemies deserve a decent death #cukur #EfYam ++
After T brother death,T asked his brother finn To take his brother John's killer eyes off,the change in T character was very obvious through seasons,the same Will happen To y,the old y died,he is now resembling To idris step by step,means he Will become darker #cukur #efyam +
even after yamac change,we still see that he didnt turn into a ruthless and heartless person,but he Will be obliged To become darker,because in order To become the godfather of istanbul he needs To change so as To be feared,he Will not have mercy on his ennemies #cukur #EfYam +
Thomas became after his wife and brother death a parliament member,he became the leader of birmingham,he had power,wealth and build a reputation for himself,the same Will happen To yamac,he Will grow,become Istanbul leader after getting rid of the erdenets #cukur #EfYam
End of thread,i have tried To talk about all the common points,there are many similar points between yamac and mikeal from the godfather that i Will put in my next thread,stay tuned 😍😎😁🤗😘 #cukur #EfYam
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