do I midnight snack and mewgulf the series or do I midnight snack and other series that doesn't fill me with nearly the same amount of joy and softness think I just got my answer
Still don't get what they were tying to pull off here?? Gulf was lit outside dribbling in Mew's public park while mew was like "gulf is not here yet not even sure if he's coming" ALL WHILE THEY BOTH HAD US SHOUTING with their 2 INSTA LIVES going atst? like the CLOWNERY?? #MEWGULF
also yes this is a reaction thread to a video I've seen 50000 times already cause that's all I want to do rn
everyone ignore gulf thinking he just pranked us like we haven't been tweeting abt him living at the jongcheveevat manor for the past couple of weeks and focus on mew closing that door behind him cause that's more important #mewgulf
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