breaking: the president was informed about a former intelligence agency director who had turned traitor

oh I'm sorry:

BREAKING ZOMG! EX-DIRECTOR OF AN *INTELLIGENCE AGENCY* WHO WOULD NORMALLY HAVE TO REPORT *EVERY* *SINGLE* *CONTACT* WITH A FOREIGN NATIONAL NO MATTER HOW SMALL went on the actual fucking payroll of hostile foreign powers and the president found out about it
Actually, snark aside, let me <THREAD> the issue of Being the Director of an Intelligence Agency and Then Taking Salary from Dictators.

Because this is so insane for people who Get It, all Americans need to understand.
Getting a security clearance for *any* government job is a Big Deal. Because what you learn with a clearance could gravely damage national security if you told somebody without the legal right to know, getting one and maintaining one is no small matter.
Back in 2017, once Mueller started investigating, people started learning about the SF-86 form, required to get a security clearance.

It was news because many of these Trump idiots committed crimes while filing them.
See, because lying is a crime, and they lied.

So yes, they've ALL been in criminal investigation land the whole time - but especially for the security clearance part.
There are some *really big* crimes you can commit. (All of this easy to see back in 2017.)
But let's talk about regular security clearances and Things You Cannot Do.

Basically, if you have a clearance, the Government wants to make sure that you won't turn traitor because of MICE:
- Money issues
- Ideology
- Compromise (photos of you with goats)
- Ego
So if you have a clearance you have to continually be ready to prove to the Government that:
- You don't owe $230,000 to "Vinnie Two Fish"
- Hang out at Chinese Communist Party fan club meetups
- Make out with goats on camera
- Try to sneak out secrets "to show how smart you are"
The above are extreme examples. All while you hold a clearance, gov't employees are *paranoid* about:
- Making sure their credit report does change
- They don't have an account at ILoveMao .com
- Any extreme looking social behavior
- Not obeying *every* regulation
Because if when you got a clearance you had clean credit, no Mob ties, no pro-Maoist blogs, and no history of trying to get tricky with information from work - the Government regularly checks to make sure that's the same.

For Senior Exec Service? WAY MORE STRICT.
If you are the *PRINCIPAL* of an intelligence agency, um, everything is a big deal. Because what's in your noggin is a national security asset.

If you used to run an intel agency and got kidnapped, for example, that would be really bad - because what you know is still critical.
So people who are at the top of intelligence agencies have pretty much every detail of their life exposed to someone in government. And if something major changes, it must be reported in to make sure hostile foreign spies don't try to capitalize on it.
And you have to watch your step. For example, even when retired, the government needs to know if you're going to foreign countries and such.

Bottom line: if you have to worry about your credit card balance and report in your dream trip to Venice, THEN YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO MENTION THAT YOU ARE ON THE TURKISH DICTATOR'S PAYROLL AND WORKING WITH RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE.

I mean. You just have to.
Also, with regards to the U.S. Government knowing that you, the former head of an intelligence agency (in Flynn's case DIA), are on the payroll of one of Putin's puppets, that is what they call in the business A Big Deal With No Precedent, It's That Insane.
If you ever ran an intelligence agency and you need to spill the beans on your two-day trip to Mexico, then ARRANGING TO TAKE $15 MILLION TO KIDNAP FETULLAH GULEN ON U.S. SOIL AND DELIVER HIM TO TURKEY is going to need to be reported as well.
If you, the former head of an intelligence agency, are expected to report on any casual friendly conversations you had on your ecotourism trip to Costa Rica, then TEXTING YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT TRANSFERRING NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY TO THE MIDDLE EAST DURING THE INAUGURATION is a big deal.
And so, my dear normal people, is why the whole Flynn Iz Victim!!! narrative is so stupid.

Because if you can't get too much into online poker without reporting it, you will probably have to mention becoming a traitor - or people will notice.

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