Listen to me:
1) stay calm
2) quadruple check your facts
2a) regurgitation bad
3) there’s a chance people are NOT connecting the 2018, 2019 and 2020 dots
I’m going to give you the original documents to help you navigate this Trump/Pompeo shit-storm
👇🏻refresh Friday & Saturday👇🏻
JUNE 2O18 House & Senate letter (this took me longer to find bc for some reason the pdf was “moved from the server” the House Foreign Affairs Com) to @SecPompeo regarding the Trump loyalty & purge

But I was able to locate it on a Senate Server
Pre-dating that June 2018 letter to @SecPompeo i think it’s a good time to remind you March 2018
“rejected his request for an elite security clearance required for service on the NSC” and that “the rejection was approved by Mike infuriated Flynn and his allies.”
Following the June 2018 letter to @SecPompeo @StateDept the @StateOIG issued this report:

“Mari Stull, was vetting the political affiliation and views of career employees.1 According to the article, the management of IO had caused several career employees to leave the bureau”
Now remember that March 2018 I just tweeted?
Welp that resulted in this November 2019 @StateOIG report
(there actually is a method to my madness) which is why I was like, hold on buttercup the “breaking news” sounds oddly familiar and YES IT DOES
Now not to say there isn’t any “there - there” with @SecPompeo because there most certainly IS - but it’s not about his Wife Susan, “Uber-eats-with-Guns”, dog walking or dry cleaning
I would focus on;
Security Clearances
Kalitta air/charters/cargo
Iran etc
Again I’m not saying the firing of the @StateOIG isn’t a massive scandal but it’s not about @SecPompeo wife or him being verbally abusive to his own staff & career DOS employees
Think about it
January to present in 2020 Pompeo is all up in Afghanistan, Taliban, Iran & Sanctions
In the next series of tweets, I will provide links to House Letters (7) to @SecPompeo
he was subpoenaed & ignored it
I do NOT understand why Congress hasn’t
-used their power to arrest him via Inherent Contempt of Congress
-instructed the Treasury to STOP paying his salary
The 9/2019 subpoena @SecPompeo blatantly ignored
I do not understand why the Speaker didn’t send the Sgt at Arms & placed Pompeo under arrest.
It’s called Inherent Contempt of Congress.
Or at the minimum instructed the Treasury to withhold his paycheck. Permissible UNDER the LAW
So sure if you want to believe that Pompeo told Trump to fire the @StateOIG bc he was investigating Pompeo for “Chinese food” or “dog walking” or “his wife” - I’m telling you it’s about:
PPE, Russia, Sanctions, MbS-Bone-Saw and a dozen other major foreign policy issues
-the end
Sorry I forgot the 7th letter
October 2019 - at some point y’all are going to figure out that who ever “leaked” to reporters leaked disinformation because I think I’ve provided you with a lot of documentation that supports my “specious assertion”
Noooooo - so you’re saying that the dog walking, Uber eats...
Aww hells YAHTZEE
And now I’m going to remind you;

-bipartisans support
-both chambers passed legislation
-trump vetoed it on July 17, 2019

The Democrats better find the staffer who’s leaking because they are regurgitating known shit
“transcribed interviews with key officials who may have knowledge about IG Linick’s firing and how the @StateOIG ongoing work may have influenced Sec Pompeo’s recommendation that the President fire Linick”
whispers OIG was “cleared re leaking”
Permalink to today’s announcement
Thoughts and Prayers @mikepompeo @SecPompeo thoughts & Prayers.
And FTR you and Susan are NO Mr & Mrs Adams - that invitation is also tacky AF. Money can’t buy class
Meh you & Susan are no Mr & Mrs Madison too
“...Linick made some type of inquiry to the protocol office last week, before he was fired. One of the officials said Pompeo's office was then notified”
Failure to comply with Congress, subpoenas & depos you have until 6/4/20👇🏻
Page 1 last paragraph
Page 2 blue box
June 4th deadline for @OFM_Ambassador @StateDept @SecPompeo
Also probably not his personal twitter account but figured I’d archive just in case 
“...should not be investigating the Administration’s 2019 emergency declaration used to push through $8
billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia....”
@SecPompeo LIED

he KNEW ABOUT THE FIVE INVESTIGATIONS and Meet Brian Bulatao & Marik String
So @SecPompeo LIED
Is a liar
Is lying
And can NOT be trusted
At every turn the @realDonaldTrump administration is
SHAMELESS and unrepentant scoundrels


And the @StateOIG Informed String & Bulatao
This is how shameless and unscrupulous @SecPompeo @StateDept are
Pompeo instructed
“Bureau of Diplomatic Security to be investigating us, in that there's an independence issue. And we wanted another IG to peer-review us precisely...” yes the @StateOIG

‘in late 2019 my office reached out to get documents from the office of the secretary as well as the office of the legal adviser. And during that same period of time, I did speak with...[Brian] Bulatao, possibly Deputy Secretary [John] Sullivan”
8AM Inbox notification, I was preoccupied with my actual job that doesn’t include twitter
whispers they ALSO released the DOD-OIG report and transcripts
I’m 6 minutes late for a not-zoom- video-telcon
I’ll dive into this COB from my real job
Can I say it?
My. God... @SecPompeo is a disgrace and he’s incredibly abusive
Many of his female staffers feel that he’s an abusive boss with a proclivity of being verbally abusive to them in front of colleagues for the humiliation factor

“State Department’s decision to comply with the Committee’s demand to hear testimony from Under Secretary of State for Management Brian Bulatao as part of the investigation into the firing of State Department Inspector General Steve Linick”
@SecPompeo gig is UP
Link to House Foreign Affairs Chairmen letter to @SecPompeo
For REALS - WATCH THIS SPACE - the fecal matter is about to hit the oscillator at full speed

Found below
The subtext of the letter to @SecPompeo BRUTAL
Don’t overlook the closing paragraph.
3 decades in DC & it’s rare to see this
It’s extraordinary
- implication @StateDept leaked Pompeo’s letter
-overt reminder the eyes of the world are on us & @mikepompeo
Bulatao LIED to Congress
1,000% that Butatao LIED to Congress and he LIED in writing.
Here read his June 1st letter and then reread the excerpts of Linick’s depo.
Then reread Butatao’s June 1st letter, red lined & highlighted those are the lies
Oh DEAR - me NOT clutching my pearls...
He is who he is... you can’t change that nor expect for him to change. This has always been @SecPompeo @mikepompeo
subpoenas issued to @StateDept
officials to appear for joint depositions
• Brian Bulatao, Under Secretary of State for Mgmt
• Marik String, Acting State Department Legal Adviser
• Michael Miller, DA SoS for Political-Military Affairs
• Toni A. Porter, Senior Adviser
And there you have it...
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