okay so The King: Eternal Monarch got me so hooked up with their unpredictable plot and great casting so i tried to narrow down some theories for you guys!

#TheKingTheEternalMonarch Theories (a thread) this is kinda long sooo les goo
i read these theories in twt and ig so i really tried my best to give credit to whoever gave me these ideas but i couldn’t find them anymore :(( anyway here they are #TheKingEternalMonarch

i erased the 2nd theory in the first picture cs it was proven that TE didn’t wear the same clothes in the cctv where LG saw her in 2022 w the yoyo kid and the clothes she wore in ep11 preview. it only looked similar. u can check it again 😁 #TheKingEnternalMonarch

[3] here it looked similar but it actually is diff. first 2 pics were from the ep9 preview and the last pic is from the ep11 preview. she wore diff clothes so ep11 wont take place in 2022 yet 😄
[4] this is the last for today 😌 ill probably add more when i can think of more 😊 les goo guyss
#TheKingEternalMonarch Theories (a thread) ⬆️
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