It's #notthesabbathsunday aka March 77th so I'm just going to muse on a subject, no planned thread, just gonna jot thoughts here throughout the day. if you care to muse along feel free but I really just want to get some thoughts down.

The topic is:

Conspiracy theories

Lets go
So in today's day and age, when you say "conspiracy theorist" it's become almost synonymous with the Qanon, rw evangelical, neo-nazi conspiracies. New world order, satanic cabal, mix in some aliens in there, blame the (((liberal))) media.

These are all the most bullshit ones
The NWO theory was first made by Pat Robertson, evangelical host of the 700 club who thinks gays cause hurricanes. He wrote a book called "The New world order" in 1991 and it was like Qanon for Gen-X. It quite literally rehashed antisimetic nazi conspiracies but change jew to lib
It basically painted the world as christians vs literally everyone else. You probably have recently struggled organizing a zoom call, but these people think every liberal politician, journalist, scientist, medical professional and celebrity are all working on a secret plan to...
And that's where it falls apart. Because the secret plan amounts to...progressing society. Like the evil cabal is going to improve the climate, kill manufacturing, vaccinate everyone and promote individual identities and global cooperation...

Those fiends
Now I consider myself a conspiracy theorist, or rather "ancient astronaut theorist" and I've done plenty of my own research on religious history, metaphysical theology, UFOs, politics. And yes, the government has done some Fd up things in the past. And they still are! One wonders
Overthrowing nations around the world
Secret prisons
Majestic 12/project blue book alien research projects
Tesla's files
The CIA monitoring the grateful dead
The list goes on

But here's where I have a problem, the modern conspiracy theorist hasn't done this research
Most Qanon types have done a few google searches on some topics carefully curated to them to paint a picture of one sided evil, and they somehow follow TRUMP! Now to me, Trump has fired off every possible conspiracy theory red flag there is.
Secret military "space force" that does what exactly?
Constant denial about foreign dealings.
Hides and denies everything.
Loves authoritarians.
Actively dividing society.
Racist dogwhistles.
Encouraging civil unrest.
The list goes on
And his supporters are going all in on this Bill Gates vaccine conspiracy while Trump with this "Project warp speed" is claiming they'll make a vaccine 500% faster than has ever been achieved and then have it simultaneously distributed by the military.

Conspiracists: *crickets*
And this is where to me the biggest issue is so many conspiracy theorists don't know any history beyond the 20th century, and how religious authoritarians have suppressed scientific progress via conspiracy theories for literally millenia.
Rome c300ad: Catholic good, pagan and jew bad

Rome c900ad: Catholic good, islam and templar bad

Rome c1500ad: Catholic good, scientists and illuminati bad

Modern evangelicals: Christianity good, science and islam and illuminati and jews and pagan bad

The BS piles up
You know that famous depiction of Baphomet that everyone thinks is Satan? It's not. That description didn't exist until 1307 when the Catholic church invented the name "baphomet" to justify a mass execution of Templar as heretics. It's more likely a classic depiction of god tbh
You may know one of the world's first and foremost demonologists was none other than yours truly. See "The lesser key of Solomon", "The Testament of Solomon" and many of my other books that got conveniently left out of the bible.

You know who I never wrote about? Baphomet lol
I did write about the names of God, and how God presented himself, I even depicted one of them in a seal with the inscription "El Shaddai" which translates directly to "God almighty" and guess how I depicted him? With horns
Think about the Holy Bible, compiled hundreds of years after Jesus died, Jesus whom up until then was considered by Rome a rabble rousing rebel revolutionary, Rome couldn't control Jews after Jesus. So wtd? Coopt the entire religion, while persecuting the people who wrote it!
And of course you're never going to get official proof of this, because we kinda left all of the evidence in Jerusalem and Jerusalem has been sacked/sieged/occupied/crusaded against at least *checks notes* 15 times. Most by Rome
Took a sacrament break.

Anyways, what did Rome decide to include in the bible? How about a bunch of letters from some dude named Paul? Letters paul apparently disseminated across the entire Mediterranean from a Roman prison cell. That all amount to "Rome's actually not so bad"
Like who in Ephesia or Rome got these letters? Did they run around telling everyone "Hey! We got a letter from Paul! He says we should submit to the governing authorities!"
Paul got 13 books in the Bible! I got 3, David got 2, most prophets got one or two, Jesus's life got 4 books. But Paul. Got. Thirteen. Like wtf Rome? Wasnt this guy a political prisoner?

Now ask a christian to cite their belief in a christian nation or why gays r bad, its paul.
I may have gotten a bit off topic, I just personally dislike Paul and have a theory that he never even existed, I also work in weddings and the one good thing about this pandemic is I haven't had to hear someone with no mic training recite 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 for over 2 months.
So get back to the subject, conspiracy theories, when you do actual research, which takes time, it does paint a picture of conspiracy, but not by scientists and journalists, by the very people spouting the conspiracy theories! Theocrats.
An evangelical conspiracist wants to stop liberals from creating a centralized one world government in order for to...create a centralized one world "christian" government. It's all projection. The same people saying "you need to wake up, sheep" are themselves being sheppard
Just look at how Qanon grooms its followers to "trust the plan"

A plan given to them by a shadowy figure that claims to work FOR the government.

A plan involving mass arrests/worse, with the good guy being the guy who jokes about being president for life

Pardon me while I add a bunch of Qanon hastags to trick them into reading a thread where they might learn somethibg

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #OBAMAGATE #frazzledrip #HillaryForPrison #Peeisstoredintheballs #Trusttheplan #Thestormiscoming #Myanusisbleed #Myspoonistoobig

That should do it
Train of thoughts come to a station, not sure where to go now, if anyone would like to suggest a destination, some part of conspiracy theory, or some specific historical context, please share, I'd like this to be informative. What would you all like me to talk about?
While we're talking about bullshot conspiracy theories, how about this one? Trans people want to replace society with a race of cyborgs.

Like people aren't even trying anymore, they're just having acid flashbacks on live TV and calling them theories.
Oh but Bill Gates is the dangerous one. Certainly not these morons:
The Red Pill was supposed to wake people up to the Matrix, show them how the machines that we created in hubris are feeding off our very life for perpetuance.

Conversely In our real cursed world the "red Pill" is prescribed by the goddamn machines!
The same people saying "take the red pill" are also begging to reopen the economy so people can return to their underpaid service jobs and who want to stop hearing news that scares them.
Want a real red Pill? Join a union, become a socialist, fight for a society where existence is not maintained at the cost-effective minimum.
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