Notes on Mew Suppasit and Gulf Kanawut's excellence as ACTORS;

These pictures mark the very first workshop day for Tharntype Season 2, which means we're officially entering a brand new era and also saying goodbye to the era of the first season.

Although we talk about this everyday, this hits different—

This is really happening. Wow.
Throughout 2019 we've witnessed the wonderful metamorphosis of this show and fell in love as we watched Mew and Gulf train for what will become the turning point in their careers and lives as actors.

Every scene is a testament that they are destined for and worthy of success.
We always talk about how MewGulf excelled in passion and sensuality in their beautiful and breathtaking love scenes (which it 100% deserves!) but there's so many impressive and praiseworthy things I wish we also give recognition to, in terms of their remarkable skills as actors.
First and foremost can we just talk about their talent and hardwork?

It's so mind-blowing to think that Mew only had a very vague idea about what the novel and characters were when he auditioned, and then when he got the role, HE HAD TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE DRUMS?
It's so rare for an actor to pick up an instrument and learn it in a SHORT period of time for the sake of a role, but Mew Suppasit really did THAT.

The show could've settled for camera angle tricks to fake the scenes but Mew really went the extra mile to make it look realistic.
Be honest: Did your jaw and heart not drop and swoon during this moment?

In this scene Mew truly brought us all in Type's shoes and made us see and understand Tharn's irresistible charm. A man so in love with his passion is so beautiful, oh dear god.

Talent is indeed SEXY. 🔥
Mew has all the striking traits of an amazing METHOD actor: Determination, Charisma, Ambition, Discipline and Hardwork.

He's the kind of artist so devoted and committed to his craft, works himself to the bone and makes it all look so easy, natutal and effortless.
Can we just pause and really think of the complete absolute fearlessness of Gulf Kanawut?

We always admire his bravery for taking on such a bold role for his debut but to what extent do we understand the gravity of his efforts?

Gulf was 21 YEARS OLD when he did ALL OF THAT.
No, I'm serious, listen: Imagine yourself a ROOKIE on your very first starring role. On an industry so alien to you. You are naturally an introvert and a very private person who doesn't talk much.

And then the director says you need to MASTURBATE for this one scene.

Gulf so effectively embodied the persona of someone on the verge of a SEXUAL AWAKENING. His every gesture, every tone and line delivery, every quiver of skin and flutter of his gaze speaks of so many stories and sensations.

The way he portrays desire is so stunning and sincere.
Gulf has the spectacular gift of really owning the character he plays like a second skin. No matter what the scene requires, he just breathes life into Type Thiwat in such a credible, layered representation.

Gulf Kanawut is a CHAMELEON. And his courage is TERRIFYING.
We never get tired of drawing parallels between TharnType and MewGulf because it's so FUN to see how they resemble each other's traits.

But can we just appreciate MewGulf's VERSATILITY in portraying aspects of TharnType's characters that go against their real personalities?
Even the Director P'Tee himself remarked at how awesome Gulf can transform from a quiet gentle boy on set to a ferocious hot-tempered and violent Type.

Also, it's impressive and endearing how Mew can play lovestruck Tharn so well even if he has a more pragmatic perspective about tsunderes as opposed to Tharn's romantic idealism bordering on martyrdom.

Mew is so HUMAN and so so RELATABLE, it's the cutest most satisfying thing.
Gulf has been pretty consistent in every interview when he declares he's not really a possessive type of person (although we might believe otherwise lol) but he portrays jealousy SO GOOD.

He only spoke very few dialogue in this scene, but HIS INTENSITY SUFFOCATED THE ATMOSPHERE.
The stark difference between on cam and off cam is sometimes so overwhelmingly fascinating because it shows you how MewGulf literally gets so LOST and ABSORBED in the emotions of their characters.

The trust in losing control and letting the emotions run free is dazzling.
We've all seen that one old TV clip where Mew exposed himself as a neat freak of sorts who's very organized, strict about cleanliness and extremely possessive of his bed.

And yet he very willingly kissed Gulf's ankle and they even won an actual award for it?

I think apart from establishing how at ease they are with each other's skins and bodies, this also goes to prove how unconditionally dedicated MewGulf are to their craft. They're the kind of artists who will do the nitty gritty work all for the sake of topnotch production value.
Sometimes it's legit scary how MewGulf's life mirrors or directly contrasts their TharnType roles.

Like, tell me this is not destiny working its magic that Gulf used to take drum lessons as a kid and Mew used to be very athletic during his childhood?

Soulmate Things™ only.
This scene is so criminally underrated. I guess one of the most challenging measures of being a great actor is faking your appetite.

It's endlessly hilarious how Gulf who hates raw foods has to pretend he likes it and Mew who loves Sashimi has to act disgusted with its taste.
The irony of Type sarcastically calling Tharn 'Phi' because he is younger than him in the novel is hilarious when we think of how it's the complete opposite in real life and Gulf babies 'Nong Mew' in the softest way ever.

The parallels are endless I'm not even kidding? Type is literally allergic to the Kirigun household but Gulf practically already claimed the Jongcheveevat Manor as his residence?

Last but not the least:

Tharn declares himself as Type's boyfriend-to-be on Episode 5. Type deadass told Puifai he was dating someone even though he wasn't sure Tharn would forgive him, on Episode 6.

But MewGulf, 1 year later?

No but seriously.

It's so damn hard to imagine an alternate reality where TharnType are played by any other actors besides MewGulf. That's how phenomenal they've portrayed their characters.

MewGulf really made TharnType such a compelling, unforgettable and timeless love story.
TharnType is the kind of show that really required the actors to go beyond the boundaries of traditional roles. MewGulf had to film so many complex scenes like this where emotions are so dysfunctional, tough and mentally exhausting.

They delivered the struggle so brilliantly.
The story is rich with various kinds of relationship fights and they precisely made us feel the ups and downs of being in love.

You suffer when they suffer, you hurt when they hurt.

And when they have moments of tenderness like this, you feel as if the happiness is also yours.
And now here we are, at the beginning once more; eager to see what awaits Tharn and Type as lovers, and most especially, Mew and Gulf's growth as actors.

It's true, isnt? Nothing lasts forever.

But we're going to enjoy and cherish this small infinity for a long, long time. ♥️
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