some of y'all don't know when it is and isn't appropriate 2 share things publicly. exposing hate speech & scams? yes show me screenshots & they're blocked no questions asked & thank u for sharing. calling for a witchhunt over ur own personal beef w some1? no, shut up, ur a bully.
i'm about to go through my feed and remove every last drop of drama mongering behaviour, which sadly is going to mean breaking some moots. i want to go back to enjoying this community which is LARGELY good and nice ppl! but some of u just don't know when to walk away.
cancel culture IS a thing. when I say that I'm not talking abt exposing racists or scammers, those ppl deserve to be kicked out of our community. im talking abt "if ur still following this toxic person im breaking the moot but I'm not gonna say who it is" get away from me w that
in my experience, a lot of the ppl who claim "this person is toxic" are in fact the toxic ones themselves. they are either gathering forces to bully someone they have issues with or they are mislabeling disagreements as toxicity
i've seen "proof" of what some of u call "manipulation" and if that's what u think manipulation is then u have never experienced true emotional abuse. i dont say this to minimize anyone's experience ur allowed to be hurt by someone but be careful when throwing around those words
always fact check and always remember there is a person behind every screen. that's it, this is the one and only time you'll see me get on my soapbox, thank you for coming to my TED talk, i will not be engaging in any debates about this thanks bye
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