#NewkiddAre7 #WeAreWithHansol

⚠️Three members of Newkidd Ji Hansol , Jiann & Seungchan were treated so bad in the company and since their last cb ends, there hasn't been any content for them AT ALL. Only 4 members were promoted these three were always left out + @jflo_newkidd
Newkidd cb ends at the end of Jan and they have no schedule at all. So they are most likely free on most of the days. A bts dance cover was uploaded and only 4 of them were in the video and these three were not. And the most odd thing is that Jiann was there during the shoot!
Before that video was uploaded, Hansol was in Busan to spent time with family and jflo took this opportunity to post the dance video just when Hansol updated us on his ig story so fans would think that he isn't in he video because he is not with the boys..
Next , Home Dance video. While other groups have full members in the video, Newkidd has only 3. The same 3 were not included but with Woochul this time. But Woochul was probably busy practicing for his solo cover dance since the video was then uploaded on Newkidd channel.
Latest video and still four members.
Jflo only uploads pictures of Hansol sometimes , one of Jiann and nothing for Seungchan since last December #NewkiddAre7
Hansol posted a throwback of his solo dance cover from UNB concert. He must miss being on stage or dancing but jflo hasn't given him any opportunity #WeAreWithHansol #WeLoveYouJiHansol
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Visit Newkidd vlive and see how many members do you always see doing lives 😶 when we all know the other three also loves interacting with fans...

#NewkiddAre7 #Newkidd https://channels.vlive.tv/BFB7EF/home 
Where jflo should be at:
Update: j-flo entertainment released a vague statement saying some members are having health issues. JiannSolChan have disappeared for 4 freaking months and they only released this statement now... and this leads to more confusion for fans.

#NewkiddAre7 #JusticeForNewkidd
#NewkiddAre7 #JusticeForNewkidd https://twitter.com/emotionbabe_/status/1265876975492554752?s=19
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