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A few months before Shiro's wedding, Keith is feeling hurt and miserable. He can feel the other paladins giving him pitiful glances, and even people at the BOM are giving him condolences-
for losing his mate. As a result, Keith starts getting weird... offers by his fellow Blades. Plenty of them start making advances, brushing up against him, grasping his arm and lower back. It's not that Keith doesn't appreciate it, though.
It's nice to feel wanted, so he maybe... starts leaning on the advances a bit. He smiles at the soft touches, sort of stretches a bit too much to show off, and openly smirks when he makes other people fluster. The confidence boost is intoxicating.
He walks on the edge, though, never quite making the full leap into taking someone home. He flirts, and he likes being flirted with, but that's about it. That is, until Kolivan enters the equation. After a brief sparring match against three new recruits-
that Keith effortlessly wiped the floor with, Kolivan stood in the sidelines, watching everything with a careful eye. The three recruits looked understandably disappointed, but their hungry gazes on Keith made it clear that they weren't 'too' torn up about it.
Keith's face was flushed and he was panting, but there was a satisfied smile on his face. The training room reeked of sweat and arousal, although Keith didn't quite catch that last one, his Galra senses not nearly as sharp as his trainees. But Kolivan noticed.
To a Galra, Keith was clearly showing off. He was a mateless half-Galra practically demanding to be courted, challenging whoever to prove they could be worth his time and loyalty. And there were plenty of Blades that were rising to the bait, eager to prove they had the right-
to be the Black Paladin's mate. 'Shiro is a fool', is what Kolivan thought to himself, appreciating Keith's angles and curves as he did post-training cool off. He didn't miss how the trainees all approached Keith, their greedy hands resting on his shoulders-
and arms, eager to touch him, to coax physical affection out of him. And Keith just lets them. He smiles, he nods, he makes purposeful eye contact and sometimes he even touches back. They were all congratulating him and swapping strategies, but it was all a ruse.
An excuse to get close to Keith. And Keith was letting them do it. 'Amateurs', is all Kolivan thought. Kolivan was usually very strict in not playing favorites, but something about what Keith was doing sparked something in him. Intense interest.
Regardless of his genes, Keith was a beautiful creature, there was no doubt. It was hard not to gaze at him with interest, especially since he, as a half Galra, still reeked of fresh, unmated youth. Kolivan was good at keeping proper distance, but now with the war over-
there was nothing holding anyone back, much less himself. He approached the group, growling low on his throat, a warning to step away from Keith. His face remained impassive and Keith was none the wiser, but it had the desired effect. The others backed off.
"Keith, a word if you please." Kolivan kept his posture straight and his arms folded behind his back, but his fists were clenching. Keith ran a hand through his sweaty bangs and nodded, walking with him.
Normally Keith would shower immediately after training, but Kolivan seemed dead-set on something, so he followed him without a word. In the meantime, whilst the walked down the halls of the base, he couldn't help but notice the stares he was getting. He bit his lower lip.
There was pleasant shiver going down his spine, a part of him wanting to preen at the attention. Shiro never looked at him like that. And while Keith always glowed whenever Shiro spent time with him, he never felt... wanted like this. It was nice.
He made it a point to smile sweetly at one particular Blade as he walked past, noticing how the Galra (wide and nearly three heads taller than Keith) kept his eyesight firmly on Keith. It made Keith wonder and wonder...
Minutes later, both Kolivan and Keith entered one of the communal centers, with more Blades mingling about. Keith didn't spend time here too often, still preferring his own company overall. He was a bit puzzled, looking at Kolivan's back as they walked.
Near the center was a circular sitting area, and to Keith's surprise, a round furniture object that resembled a bed. He'd never seen one of those before. Everything on the Blades' base was so compact and purposeful, even the sleeping quarters. This was... different.
"Kolivan?" He questioned, noticing how his leader stood in front of the bed and began to divest himself of his upper garments. This alarmed Keith enough that he took a step back. The Blades nearby now stopped what they were doing and paid close attention to the pair.
"Now Keith, let's not be obtuse." Kolivan replied coolly, sitting on the edge with his legs splayed open, his upper chest exposed with bulging muscles and numerous scars. He was the impersonation of a raw, brutal soldier, his shiny yellow eyes staring right through Keith.
Keith swallowed at the display, feeling slightly claustrophobic when the other Blades approached them, clearly interested in what might happen. Keith may have learned a lot about his Galra heritage from his mother, but he was at a loss for what this meant. Was Kolivan-
about to publicly punish him? Was it something he did?

"I don't... understand." Keith exclaimed truthfully, which caused the people around him to murmur to themselves. Kolivan nodded once in understanding and beckoned Keith to come closer. Hesitantly Keith did, not missing-
the several growls that erupted at the action. When Keith approached and Kolivan snatched his hand, a Blade from somewhere snarled, but Kolivan snarled back, startling Keith. The sight of a mouth full of fangs did something to him. His mouth watered at the sight.
"You all know how this works, but if you believe you have more of a right than I to do this, then by all means." Kolivan glowered, challenge in his eyes.

"Prove your worth." No one else said anything, the room eerily silent. Numerous Blades surrounded them, eager.
"Keith." Kolivan finally addressed him fully. "I'm sure you're unaware of many of our customs. But..." Kolivan tugged at his arm and Keith followed the motion, sitting besides his leader.

"I don't believe you're as oblivious as you think. Look..."
Keith shivered at the feeling of a sharp claw dragging atop his thigh, the skin tight suit doing almost nothing to muffle the feel. He placed a desperate hand on Kolivan's wrist, and the older man stopped.

"If it's attention you want, I will be more than glad to provide."
Kolivan leaned down nuzzled into his hair. The action was... strangely soothing. He closed his eyes and sighed, but with it came a sound he never made before. He 'chirped'. Kolivan grumbled at the sound, pleased. The Blades observing also responded in kind.
It was... good. Keith felt good. And when Kolivan grabbed the back of his neck and squeezed, Keith arched his back and trilled, spreading his legs.

"That's it. Good kit." The words, which should have been insulting and condescending, only made something inside Keith melt.
"I-I don't... I've never felt like this..." He was hot all over and embarrassed still. He was good on not losing control of his body, but it was all happening without his input. No one has ever taught him about this. His confession brought a bunch of noises-
from his comrades, and the attention was as mortifying as it was flattering. This wasn't like his usual flirting. This felt more intense and more satisfying. He felt like spreading his legs even more. He wanted to peel his clothes off and stretch on the bed, show off himself.
"Are you going to let us praise you?" Keith heard the words but wasn't sure of their meaning. Regardless, he nodded anyway, a part of him mewling in happiness, something instinctual that he couldn't give a name to. This was good. He was safe.
His clan was here, ready to please him and touch him and mark him and possess him, and Keith felt truly alive after so long. At his consent, Kolivan immediately started to peel away his clothes, growling in delight at the exposed skin.
Keith was sweaty and hard, his skin glossy and flushed both from arousal and the earlier training. There were Blades all around the circular bed, some of them following suit and taking off their clothes. Others were merely watching still, although their delight couldn't be hid.
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"Wonderful, little kit."

"What a sight."


"The perfect mate."

"Spread your legs more, little one."

"So needy and ready, we'll take care of you."

Keith heard all these words and let it wash over him, like hot water to sore muscles. He moaned and arched some more.
Once he and Kolivan were fully naked and exposed, Keith was handled and placed in the middle of the bed, the soft sheets cooling the scorching skin of his back. He stared at the ceiling and then at the people observing, eyes sweeping at what he saw.
Many of his comrades were naked as well, or at least had their lower bodies exposed in some way. Many of them were fondling themselves, cocks and pussies of all shapes and sizes greeting him in want. He licked his lips without thinking and it made a few of them groan in want.
The communal center was stuffy with the smell of bodies and sex, and it was something that even Keith could catch wind of. There were just SO many people, so many potential mates, all ready to prove themselves to him. Kolivan reached to him-
and directed his gaze back onto his person. Keith had never seen his leader this way. On instinct, Keith brought his hands up and sunk his nails on the man's shoulders, eliciting a pleased growl from him.

"Impatient?" The word snapped Keith out of it for a second.
"Kolivan... I don't know how this-"

"Just let it happen, Keith. Don't fight it." When Kolivan's large hand engulfed and massaged his balls, Keith jumped and hissed at the feeling. He keened in want, his eyes narrowing and slitting.
Kolivan smirked at the display, metaphorical hackles rising at the prospect of challenging his kit. It figures Keith wouldn't just lay pliant for him.

"Turn around, Keith."

"No." The response was heated, and regular Keith would think twice before disobeying his leader.
But regular Keith wasn't here. This was a feral kind of Keith, something else that was reacting to the emotions of the moment. He took hold of Kolivan's wrist and grinded his hips on his hand, making his cock slip between the giant fingers.
"Do it." Kolivan barked, closing his fist on his kit's dick and squeezing non too gently. Keith yelped and kicked one of his legs, gritting his teeth.

"Turn around and present yourself to me." Keith shook his head and bit Kolivan's bicep, snarling in defiance.
The Blades around him chuckled at his display. In the periphery of Keith's sight, he could feel how the bed was dipping in several spots, the movements tentative. Kolivan squeezed his cock again and effortlessly flipped him.

"Behave, kit." Was warned into his hair.
"D-Don't...!" He gasped, a feeling of odd panic flooding him when he felt Kolivan hovering his mouth near his neck. That... that was too much, too close and vulnerable. Keith squirmed and put his hand over his neck, giving Kolivan an apprehensive look over his shoulder.
"Relax. I have no intention to mark you. Unless..." Just then, Kolivan ran his claws down Keith's back, forcing him to shiver and groan at the feeling. Once the hands reached his ass, his leader immediately parted his cheeks, exposing him to the room. Keith clenched, keening.
"Do you 'want' me too? Do you want to be my mate, Keith?"

"Curb your enthusiasm, Kolivan." Some other Galra growled, snapping Keith at attention. The man crawled closer to Keith, two purple cocks standing in arousal between his legs, heads tapered.
"The little one has never participated in communal praise. He deserves to have the full experience before making a decision." The Blade said (his name was Verashk, Keith remembered). Verashk placed a hand over Keith's head, fingers running through his hair in a kind gesture.
"Keith, a Galra's first praise is quite important. You do not have to make a choice right away." When his neck was grasped and pressed again, Keith sighed and closed his eyes, sinking into the mattress. Verashk chuckled at his reaction, but continued.
"You are doing wonderful already. If you would allow us to take care of you, we'll make sure your first time will be pleasant for you." It was hard for Keith to absorb all the words being thrown at him, he was in a fuzzy state between reality and his feelings.
But upon the promise of more affection, of more 'praise', as they called it, he could hardly bring himself to say no. He nodded and lifted his body on all fours, purring deep in his chest at the natural position. Verashk's large ears flicked and he dove down,-
capturing Keith's mouth with his. Keith was startled at first, but reciprocated harshly, not wanting to be outdone. His participation seemed to have broken the spell on everyone, for he was soon overwhelmed, the bed dipping and shaking with the weight of multiple Blades.
Keith moaned loudly when Kolivan dove down and began licking his hole, the warmth and damp feeling of his mouth making him see stars. Verashk took advantage of his open mouth to plunge his tongue inside, forcing Keith to let out wet, sloppy sounds into the kiss.
His hair was touched and pulled sometimes, his back was caressed, his legs were pulled apart to allow more room to watch, and people took turns in grabbing and pulling at his cock, sometimes gently, other times harsh enough that there were tears springing in his eyes.
He was exposed and vulnerable, almost like a plaything in a way, but it didn't make him feel belittled or used. Verashk growled as he nipped at his jaw and neck, the pint of his fangs stinging something delicious. He was a wreck.

"Kit, open your mouth."
Keith cracked open an eye only to see the twin cocks twitching in front of him, the sight of them making his knees shake. Verashk held one of them and tapped at his lips, leaving them sticky with a slight lilac color. Keith couldn't really explain it, but... it smelled divine.
Strong. Alluring. He felt like whining, but held himself in check. He opened his mouth and purred once the appendage made its way inside. His own cock twitched and the back of his head was grasped, holding him still.

"Look at that pretty mouth." Verashk sighed.
More hands squeezed him, fingernails flicking and pinching at his nipples, lips and fangs and claws leaving their marks on his body. Kolivan kept savoring his ass, fingers dipping inside of him alongside his tongue, prodding at his prostate. He was leaking profusely-
on the sheets and down his thighs. He nearly gagged when Verashk surged forward suddenly, his thick cock blocking the passage of air into his lungs. But Keith persevered, wanting to show, to prove he was good, he was a good kit, a good mate, good enough, even for... for...
Keith had to pull back, his head jerking away until he was a coughing mess, tears of a different kind pooling in his eyes. His comrades cooed and rubbed his back comfortingly, and even Kolivan stopped what he'd been doing in concern.

"Forgive me Keith, are you alright?"
Verashk gave him a concerned look, his hand massaging Keith's throat in apology. But Keith shook his head, determined to do this. He was being praised and loved here, there was no point in focusing his attention on... someone else. He crawled towards Verashk and knelt down,-
grasping his two cocks and looking up at him with a smile.

"Don't stop now, soldier. I'm just warming up." It must have been the right thing to say, for Verashk and the rest of the Blades all bristled and growled at his cockiness. Keith took a deep breath and sunk down,-
this time anticipating the head of Verashk's cock touching the back of his throat. The Blade was thick, barely accommodating in his mouth, but it was still doable. Keith slurped and drooled and even went so far as to lift his ass in the air and wiggle it, coaxing Kolivan and-
whoever else to play with it. It had the desired effect, and soon there were hands and fingers brushing his hole, dipping inside, and even pulling apart just to see his entrance gaping in want. Keith kept sucking whilst pumping the second cock, trembling-
at the feel of its warm slick slipping down his fingers. He wanted... he wanted to be fucked. The feel of so many bodies on him made that want all the more intense. Verashk muttered something he couldn't understand, and soon the cock inside his mouth gave a flex-
and his taste-buds exploded in a mixture of salt and metal. Keith pulled back and swallowed as best he could, but still more cum dripped down his chin. His comrades hooted at the sight, but Keith wanted more, more of that evidence staining his body.
He fisted the remaining cock quickly, watching Verashk groan and pump his hips to his movement, and just at the cusp of release, Keith directed the appendage towards his mouth, letting the cum shoot towards his tongue. It was messy and it got on his cheeks and hair,-
but Keith loved it. He 'adored' knowing that he was the cause of this pleasure. Perhaps it was another dormant Galra instinct, but he didn't care. Verashk pulled him by the hair and gave him another brusque kiss.

"Excellent, kit. So good." The man purred,-
not bothered that he was smearing his own release onto himself. After that, Keith was tugged every which way, more Galra lining up, wanting his mouth on them or vice versa. He was flipped and tossed around, sometimes on his back, sometimes on his knees, always with-
a Galra or two or three vying for his attention. He sucked more cock and lapped at pussies until his face and neck were wet with cum and slick. His ass was raw with how often it was played with, his nipples were oversensitive.

"Let us fuck you, Black Paladin."
Murmured a Galra into his ear as he humped his leg and fingered Keith, mindful of his long nails. It took a few seconds for the request to register, Keith lost in a sea of sensation and scents.

"We should let him decide who should be first." Someone else gently intervened,-
Noria, it sounded like. Her reddish-purple hair was cascading nicely down her breasts. Keith clumsily touched and kneaded one of them, Noria purring in appreciation and kissing him. Once she parted away, Keith began thinking seriously about that request.
He could just say no and they would respect his wishes, he was sure. It's not like he felt strongly about it either way, but a foolish, childish part of him had secretly hoped that his first time would play out more differently. 'Not thinking about that', he reminded himself.
He nodded a yes and began to sweep his gaze on the Blades around him. Everyone has been nothing but kind and enthusiastic, bringing him pleasure and care. However, there was only one sensible choice in his head at the moment.

"Kolivan." He called out, his voice gruff and tired.
He wasn't sure how much more he had in him, his cock sensitive and his hole sore, but he wanted it. He wanted to be mounted and fucked until he couldn't think anymore, and out of everyone here, he was closest to Kolivan. He'd take care of him.
The man in question moved between his legs again, smiling as he stroked is cock, its length and girth enviable. When Keith whined at the sight, he was immediately soothed by multiple people, encouraging him.

"Shhh, you're alright, kit."

"Just breathe, little one."
The softness was working and Keith became pliant, arching his back when Kolivan's massive head nudged at his hole. His hands were grasped and squeezed, words of comfort and awe whispered near his skin. Keith felt like crying all of a sudden, his heart giving a squeeze.
A scream punched out of his throat when his leader pushed all the way inside, his ridged cock stroking him in all the right ways. He was 'so' full. He squeezed around the intrusion and Kolivan growled, pulling back and smacking right in. The sound was obscene.
"Perfect, you're perfect, kit." The older man grumbled, throwing Keith's legs over his forearms and ramming inside. Keith could do nothing but hold on, more Blades overwhelming him with kisses and bites and caresses. Some of them approached on their knees and began beating-
their shafts over him, panting in desperation and want. He was surrounded on all sides, and he wanted 'more'. He grasped the person closest to him, Murrian, and opened his mouth wide in silent invitation. Murrian didn't hesitate and stuck his cock inside, already so slippery.
Keith moaned with a mouthful of dick, and used his other hand to finger yet another Galra's pussy, that of Kenra, who wasted no time in riding his fingers, clenching gorgeously around them. All of the Blades were purring and growling, pleased that their little kit-
was so gorgeous and generous. When Kolivan wrapped his hands around Keith's waist, it was to slam into him harder and faster, causing Keith to almost choke around Murrian. But Murrian had a nice grip on his head and didn't let him stray away, fucking into his face in glee.
Kenra had shrieked her end and a surge of slick left Keith's hand sticky. When it was Murrian's turn, the man pulled back and came blue cum on Keith's face, some of it landing inside his mouth, most of it spreading down his neck and hair. Keith swallowed what he could greedily-
and shuddered when he felt his end near. It must have been obvious, for soon it felt like a dozen hands were stroking and touching his cock, coaxing him to come.

"Good boy."

"What a gorgeous expression."

"That's right little one, just let go."
It was more than enough to undo him and groaned as his orgasm finally crested, his stomach twisting in knots until he could finally unwind. Kolivan pumped his hips a few more times and Keith could feel warmth settling inside him, slipping out and pooling underneath.
He was left panting, his legs twitching. When he opened his eyes, he almost immediately had to close them as he felt the other Blades spill their own desires onto his skin, the warm splashes an erotic balm to his sore muscles. They were all muttering praise and compliments,-
congratulating him on a successful communion. It was a bit surreal, but again, Keith felt comforted, and for once, his thoughts had quieted down and he couldn't feel the hurt. His skin was painted with the evidence of their couplings, fluids of different colors and hues
dripping down his sides and over his chest and legs. He was utterly filthy, but it pleased something primal inside him. It warmed him.

"Leader, should we move him to his room?" Kolivan slipped out of him at some point, but Keith didn't think he had the strength to walk.
"In due time. Keith needs to freshen up first." Keith felt his shoulders grasped and several hands help him sit. They were all careful as they moved him around until finally Kolivan cradled him in his arms, his hold firm.

"Let's wash you first, and then rest." Keith nodded.
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After that successful praise, Keith felt a lot of his stress strip away. His fellow Blades were closer than ever, and Keith more than welcomed their physical affection. Once his duties for the day were completed, it wasn't uncommon to see him-
sitting on someone's lap, or having someone stroke his hair, or even being physically fed if he was feeling particularly needy and accessible. That night when Kolivan washed him, he was kind enough to explain that now that Keith was properly initiated in praise,
he should expect to have Galra showering him in affection.

"You're unmated, Keith." Kolivan explained. "You've received praise and now they want the opportunity for something more permanent with you." It seemed like 'mating' involved something more serious, not just sex.
He was told to take his time, although that didn't mean that there weren't Blades who were more aggressive in their approach. Now that it was clear that Keith found pleasure in sex, he had his fair share of romps with others already. Verashk often came to him for-
his talented mouth. Noria too, who had a habit of pulling his hair whenever he buried his mouth between her legs. He's also allowed others to mount him, although Kolivan was still by far his preference in that department, his cock just the right amount of huge for him.
Tetravik and Juliaz spit roasted him just the other day whilst he was washing, throwing an impromptu show to the other Blades showering. A part of Keith thought that he should be more concerned about this sudden sexual awakening. But clearly nobody was judging him-
so he pushed the thought away. It made him happy and it made his comrades happy, so who cares? It distracted him, in any case. The date for That Wedding was approaching ever so steadily, and the thought of having to attend as Shiro's 'best man', made him nauseous.
He was trying to prepare himself mentally, knowing that no matter what, he was going to be a wreck that day. It was barely all he could do to answer Shiro's messages and calls anymore. Now he made it a habit to seek a Blade out whenever he had to get through one of those-
painful calls, having to fake his smiles and laughs, aching deeply at hearing Shiro talk about Curtis. He hated every minute of it and the pain only lessened after he was satisfyingly ravaged by someone else. Sometimes he closed his eyes and let himself imagine-
he was being fucked by his best friend.

"You're distracted today, little one." Kolivan breathed into his hair, his thighs flexing deliciously as he fucked up into Keith, who was seated, flushed onto his cock. Keith shook his head and let it fall backwards onto-
a meaty shoulder. Keith had stripped his lower body to avoid staining his pants, while Kolivan had only removed enough for his cock to be exposed. It was a lazy and unhurried fuck, one meant to wind Kolivan down after he'd been working for so many hours in a row.
Keith didn't mind, more than used to it by now. They were in Kolivan's office, but Blades would sometimes come in and out for various things, completely unfazed with their activities.

"What is on your mind?" Keith gasped a bit at a particular thrust. Kolivan directed-
his face so he could kiss him over his shoulder. Keith idly pulled at his own dick, sighing at the gentle pressure.

"It's nothing."

"It's about Shiro, isn't it?" It was blunt, but everything about Kolivan was. There was no point in walking on eggshells with him.
"I... we don't have to talk about him right now."

"I know." Kolivan nibbled at his ear, eliciting gentle shivers in Keith.

"But it seems it's the thought of him that's making you hold back." The thrusting became a bit more rapid, breaths coming out in shorter bursts.
"K-Kolivan, don't..." Keith gritted out, his mood crashing. He 'really' wished they weren't having this conversation right now, and he had half a mind to stand up and walk away, but as if reading his thoughts, Kolivan surged to his feet and pinned him on top of the desk.
His leg was lifted and his torso was splayed, his body swaying back and forth as Kolivan pounded into him. Keith wanted to be mad, but it was hard to do that when, instead, he began to purr and mewl, his body singing with pleasure.

"It's normal to hurt when a mate rejects you."
Kolivan told him, his pace never faltering.

"S-Shiro's not... he's not..." It was hard to think, his words coming out in wavers. He felt a lump in his throat, the urge to cry out in pain present. He didn't understand why, though.

"But you believed he was."
"Your innate loyalty is not a coincidence, kit." Keith yelped, his hips burning at the feel of claws pressing in.

"It's how we Galra showcase love." Keith's hair was gathered in a fist, exposing the back of his neck. He growled and covered his neck with both hands.
Kolivan huffed at him, amused.

"Look at you. Do you even know why you're so protective of your neck?" Kolivan knelt his torso down until his chest was flushed against Keith's back. It soothed Keith and he purred again, being enveloped in warmth and in his leader's scent.
He felt small, but protected and safely held in place. Grounded. Kolivan returned the gesture and purred in his ear, his hips setting a brutal pace.

"Is anyone on base... even desirable as a mate, Keith?" More whimpers, more shallow breaths and grunts.
"Including me?"

"Kolivan... !" The proposition, while not entirely unexpected, was still like a punch to the gut. He knew that's what most of the Blades were after, but no matter how much Keith tried to convince himself, he couldn't take that next step.
He couldn't bow and let someone mark him, not even at his lowest points, when he was wracked with anger and resentment. The last thing he wanted was commit to something like that out of pettiness. No. He hasn't yet met someone that has rendered him as helpless as Shiro.
"I-I..." Tears sprung forward, but he refused to let them fall. It was just... it all felt so 'unfair' to him. But Keith understood that he wasn't entitled to Shiro. He knew this, he tried to get it through his thick skull, over and over again, but... But...
"Keith." Kolivan grunted into his hair. "Are you just going to 'give up' on your mate so easily?" At the very thought, something snapped within Keith and he snarled, his nails protruding out and scratching the surface of the desk. It made Kolivan smirk, his thrusting frantic.
"No!" The tears of despair transformed into tears of anger, falling hot and dripping on top of the desk.

"Shiro's mine, mine!" Keith howled, body turning rigid as Kolivan fucked the orgasm right out of him. The older man pinned Keith's head onto the surface and kept him still-
as he continued to fuck into him, drinking in the various overwhelmed sounds of his small kit until his own cock lay spent inside, twitching in place. For a moment neither of them moved, waiting for the high to subside. Eventually Keith made a sound, and it alarmed Kolivan-
enough that he very carefully turned Keith around, coaxing him into sitting on his lap once more. The kit's eyes were yellowed and slit, and his elongated fangs pricked at his lower lip. His breathing was agitated, as if he couldn't get enough air into his lungs.
Kolivan immediately pressed him onto his chest and hummed soothingly, the vibrations reaching and settling something inside Keith. He vaguely remembered his mother doing something similar for him back on the space whale after injuries. It helped then, too.
"It should be Shiro here, doing this and comforting you." Kolivan finally said. He sighed, but continued.

"But if that is how you truly feel Keith, then allow me to try one last thing." At this, Keith shyly lifted his head and stared at his leader.

"What is it?"
When Shiro was personally invited to bear witness to a Galra ceremony by Kolivan and his generals, it had been a bit of a surprise. For one, it was no secret that he was planning for retirement in just a couple of weeks, and for another, Keith hadn't so much as-
mentioned anything about any ceremony that took place. He didn't think the Coalition would want anything more from him, and Curtis had made his feelings quite known after he had accepted the invite. Shiro cringed a bit at the memory, but had faith it would-
all be eventual water under the bridge. He stepped away and considered retirement for 'Curtis', so surely the man couldn't be too upset that he got invited to these sort of events from time to time. He didn't have to cut off everyone from his life.
"I just want to leave everything about the war behind us." Is what Curtis had expressed, and sure, that was a valid sentiment. The consequences of such a war were brutal, even for Shiro, so he understood. He agreed, to some extent, and yet... Why did his heart ache-
as the days went by? Why was he 'dreading' getting married? Questions that became present in his head more and more, especially lately. More than the ceremony, he was just happy that he would get to talk to Keith face-to-face. Sure, they spoke often, but it-
wasn't quite the same. And Shiro couldn't get the feeling out of his head that there was something on Keith's mind. Whenever he attempted to ask about it, Keith would deflect and change the subject, which baffled Shiro. Having Keith be so defensive with him-
was strange, not to mention it made him hurt deep inside. He should try and get to the bottom of that today, if possible. When he arrived at the Blades' base, he was met with the usual professional politeness. There were Galra that he recognized and some new faces as well.
He didn't see Keith anywhere, but he suspected that he wouldn't until the ceremony began. Courteously he was escorted to the main area, chatting politely with one of the generals from the videocall, Verashk.

"I must say, it's quite... unusual, for a non-Galra-
to bear witness to this, Mr. Shirogane." Shiro mentally furrowed at the title. "This is normally quite intimate and important in our culture."

"I see. Then I feel most honored to have been invited at all." Shiro replied, trying to be polite and mindful of his words.
Verashk smiled at his response, but Shiro couldn't help but feel that it was a bit... forced. He couldn't be sure.

"Very. Do not be surprised if your presence causes a bit of commotion. You will soon learn why." Is all Verashk offered, and Shiro didn't know if his words-
were a warning or a threat. He had a sinking feeling in his gut all of sudden, and he knew better by now not to ignore his instincts. Suddenly Keith's absence became a worrisome focal point. Finally they reached the room in question, and when Shiro walked inside,-
it was the to the sight of many Blades all sitting in a circle, overlooking what looked like a giant circular bed in the center. Verashk beckoned him to a seat right in the middle, right in front of said bed. Many Galra around him were murmuring and looking his direction,-
confusion palpable in the air.

"Verashk, what is the meaning of this?" Someone hissed, a Galra Shiro couldn't recognize.

"Outsiders are not supposed to be here, especially-" The Galra in question snapped his mouth shut suddenly, giving Shiro a side-eye.
"Please calm yourself. This was at the request of Kolivan, and Keith himself." At the mention of this, voices once again arose, concern and discomfort evident. Shiro, for his part, just became even more confused. Keith has also requested his attendance? Why didn't he-
ask him directly?

"Mr. Shirogane, please excuse us. Like I mentioned, this is normally practiced within our own kind and community, but you were chosen specifically to bear witness." Verashk placed a hand on his shoulder.

"However, I must make something clear."
"You are merely a guest during today's activities, and as such, you are not allowed to participate in our communal praise. Should Kolivan or Keith find your presence unacceptable at any point, we must then ask you to leave immediately."
Shiro nodded slowly, a bit bewildered by it all. The muttering around him continued, the atmosphere still quite tense, but no one else had any more objections. There was nothing to do but follow instructions and try not to be too much of a nuisance, he decided.
Verashk left him and took a seat among the other Blades, leaving Shiro alone with his thoughts. To say he felt out of place was an understatement. He wondered if he should just excuse himself out of this altogether, since it felt like his presence was doing more harm than good.
Before he could approach Verashk though, the Blades suddenly went silent and directed their attention to a different part of the room. Entering the room was none other than Kolivan with Keith in tow. Kolivan was wearing his usual senior Blade uniform, but Keith was-
dressed differently. The color scheme of his clothes was similar to the uniform, but instead of the armor and skin-tight suit, he was dressed in regal-looking robes, the material pooling gently by his feet. It was clear he was barefoot.
The robe parted slightly to where the skin of his chest was exposed, and it seemed like only a sash was responsible for keeping his robes in check. Honestly, he looked gorgeous, and Shiro couldn't even bring himself to feel bad for the thought.
"Keith..." Shiro said softly as his best friend waltzed into the center of the room, approaching the massive bed and climbing on top of it. He looked so... small as he crawled on top on all fours, keeping his eyesight lower to the ground.
He was purposefully avoiding eye-contact, which made Shiro's chest ache.

"Keith, the ceremony will start as soon as you're ready." Kolivan said, prompting a nod from Keith, who was sitting cross-legged.

"Shiro, we appreciate your presence with us here today."
Kolivan acknowledged him then.

"Today is a very important communal praise for our kit. It will be the day that Keith finally makes a decision on who will have the honor of being his mate." The announcement was like thunder to Shiro's heart, every other body function screeching-
to a dead halt. Apparently he wasn't the only one who was caught off-guard, for the other Blades also gasped or hooted in excitement. This... this was not what he was expecting in the slightest. A mate? Keith was going to 'choose' a mate?
"Keith believes that enough time has passed for him to make his decision. Shiro..." Kolivan directed his gaze onto him.

"As one of Keith's closest friend, he felt it only fair that you should be present for this momentous occasion. After today..."
While Kolivan spoke, the man began to undo the upper part of his uniform, article by article.

"Keith will have found his permanent mate." When Kolivan went ahead and began to crawl after Keith on the bed, that's when Shiro began to get the full picture of what was going on.
This was... a mating ritual? A 'public' mating ritual? It made sense then, why Keith would keep quiet about it. It wasn't exactly polite behavior in human society.

"K-Keith, I-" He felt his words leave him. He was told he couldn't interfere, but the sight of Kolivan-
cuddling up to Keith's back and wrapping his arms around his waist was inducing panic in him. Finally Keith looked at him fully, but his face was neutral. He didn't mind at all that he was being touched so intimately, which gave way to yet another nauseating thought:
Had Keith done this before?

"You're... you're okay with this?" He asked, practically in a whisper, and his heart was crushed once more when Keith simply nodded, his hand squeezing Kolivan's wrist lovingly.

"I am. This isn't my first praise."
Kolivan emphasized this by leaning his head down and giving Keith's ear a kiss. The Galra around them purred, while it was all Shiro could do to not grip the armrest of his seat into dust with his Altean hand.

"You can leave, if it's too much." Keith told him, his voice curt.
"If this makes you uncomfortable, you don't have to stay." Keith fixed him with a deadpanned stare, and it occurred to Shiro that there was a 'challenge' in his eyes. He was 'daring' Shiro to turn tail and run. The other Blades noticed this too, and many scoffed his direction.
Already Shiro could feel sweat pooling on his temple, his heartbeat increasing. There was a little voice in the back of his head reminding him of his fiance back home, but upon seeing Keith lean further into Kolivan, seeing giant purple hands sneak inside his-
robe and stroke at the flesh there, seeing Keith sigh in obvious delight and 'lick' his lips whilst staring his direction... Shiro gritted his teeth and sat perfectly still. He fixed Keith with eyes filled with determination and said:

"I'm staying." It made Keith smile.
"Keith, would you let me do the honors?" Kolivan asked, and Keith simply nodded, sitting back against his leader, letting his legs fall open in front of him. Shiro swallowed as he watched Kolivan slowly undress his best friend, exposing inch by inch of skin.
Shiro's head buzzed as he noticed marks getting revealed all across Keith's skin. Love bites. When Kolivan untied his sash and the robe fell open, everyone, including Shiro, groaned at the sight. Keith's thighs were splayed open, his gorgeous cock hard and exposed.
There were even love bites on the insides of his thighs, and if Shiro were a dog, he would've growled out loud. He hated them.

"So excited already, kit." Kolivan lowly commented, provoking a flush to spread on Keith's face. He said nothing though and wordlessly-
grabbed the back of his knees and spread himself apart, exposing his whole self to everyone. Shiro's breath stuttered, his cock stirring in interest. He could see the muscle of Keith's hole clenching in anticipation. Shiro's mouth watered.
"Ah, the little one's eager, Kolivan. Don't tease him too much." One of the Blades commented, amusement in his words.

"Kolivan..." Keith whispered, his tone pleading. The other members responded to his plea with soft, encouraging murmurs. There were even some-
Blades standing up and moving closer, though they all stopped just before touching the bed.

"Breathe in, now." Kolivan gently ordered, and to Shiro's utter amazement, two of the man's huge fingers sneaked down and pushed inside Keith. Keith gasped at the intrusion, but was-
otherwise unbothered, already used to this, it seemed. Shiro watched, mesmerized as Kolivan did thrusting motions with his fingers and Keith's hole would pucker around them like they belonged there. Shiro was straining his pants, he knew.
"You feel divine, kit." For a second Kolivan looked directly at Shiro, an edge to his words. "You always do."

He was being antagonized again. Shiro could feel himself getting progressively angrier at this. Tradition or not, there was clearly something about this-
that felt very purposeful. He felt like he was being punished, but of what, he wasn't sure.

"Kolivan, I can't..." Keith ducked his head suddenly, his mouth pressing into a line. Shiro grew concerned and was afraid that this was all too much for Keith.
He nearly stood up and leaped for Keith, traditions be damned, but then Keith lifted his head again, his eyes Galra yellow and incensed.

"I can't wait for you to fuck me." In a fluid motion, Keith ushered Kolivan's fingers away and began to shift himself.
He shrugged off the remainder of his robe completely and turned around. He let his head nestle into Kolivan's lap whilst his lower back was raised in the air invitingly, giving Shiro a full view of his ass and cock.

"I want to be fucked. Right now."
It was all it took for the room to explode in movement. Blades all around growled and groaned in delight, stripping off their uniforms and clambering after Keith, and if it weren't for the fact that Shiro was sat front and center, he'd lose sight of Keith amidst the commotion.
From Shiro's perspective, it was like a horror film unfolding right in front of his eyes. He could hear Keith mewl and moan in delight as Blades shamelessly touched him. It was not modest or slow. Keith's ass was immediately grasped and stroked by a myriad of hands.
Someone managed to bully themselves behind Keith and have their slimy cock press between his cheeks, rutting into the crevice.

"Fuck, Murrian...!" Murrian, apparently, chuckled at his cry, and decided to haul Keith to his knees, letting his back press against his furry chest.
"We should make sure our guest has a good view, right? He came all this way, after all." Murrian teased, giving Shiro an arrogant stare, and in one swift motion, he pushed inside Keith, tearing a pleasure-filled moan from him.

"Oh, god...!" Murrian wasn't gentle,-
immediately thrusting in rapidly, making sure to grab Keith by his hip. He had an arm crossed over Keith's chest to keep him upright. The other Blades found this position advantageous and began to toy with Keith, stroking his cock and balls and massaging his pecs and nipples.
Watching Keith's body stutter back and forth as he was brutally taken from behind was astounding. His eyes were closed, his hands were coerced into pumping the cocks of other Blades, his nipples were licked and nibbled on. It was clear he was overwhelmed,
and Shiro was suffering. He knew he must be gaping like a fish, his mouth dry and his brain turned into mush. The image of Curtis frowning in disapproval, in disgust and in shame popped into his head... and immediately disappeared, vaporized like rain drops on desert soil.
This... this was wrong. This arrangement was all wrong, he... 'He' should be the one sandwiched between Keith's body. He should be the one running his lips over his skin, whispering sweet nothings and driving him mad with pleasure. It should be 'his' name Keith yells.
He should be there, driving inside and making filthy love to him. 'He' should be the one that Keith calls out for. He should be Keith's mate.

"Hnngh...!" Keith gurgled around someone's fingers in his mouth, drool slipping down his chin. Murrian grumbled and huffed a few-
more times until he was spent, Keith whining at the feel of warm cum inside his ass, the mess running down his thighs and legs. Shiro couldn't take his eyes off the spectacle, lilac cum painting the skin of his beloved, shiny and sticky.
"Move, don't hog Keith all to yourself." Murrian was reluctantly ushered away by a disgruntled Galra with horns that reminded Shiro of antlers a bit. As the exchange happened, Keith swayed a bit in place, his eyes half-lidded and vacant. Shiro extended his-
Altean arm towards him without thinking, but a sudden hiss made him retract it. It was Kolivan, who was seated a bit farther away on the bed than the rest, his face displeased. He was watching everything with a critical eye.

"Do not interfere, Shiro. It's not your place."
Anger boiled on Shiro's tongue, an urge to lash out and storm out of here with Keith in tow settling in his gut. It must have shown on his face, for Kolivan merely smirked and he said:

"Your anger is unjustified. You chose your place in Keith's life, and this is the result."
Their conversation caught Keith's attention, snapping him out of his temporary stupor. Keith's eyes settled on Shiro's form and then he mewled, his body twitching as the Galra with horns rammed into him with no warning and no hesitation. It looked like it should hurt,-
but judging by the way Keith was arching his back, that didn't seem like it was the case.

"Kit, focus on me." The horned Galra muttered, seeming annoyed.

"I-I'm... s-sorry Tetraaa..." He trailed off, his eyes watering as the Galra pressed his claws into his waist.
"Calm yourself, Tetravik." A gorgeous Galra with plump lips said, her pinkish fur contrasting nicely with the violet of her skin. She slotted herself onto Keith's side and ground her pussy on top of his thigh, both of them sighing at the contact.
"Your insecurities are not Keith's fault." She commented and Tetravik scoffed, but that was the end. She tilted her head at an angle and pressed her lips to Keith's, and the two of them remained locked like that.

Shiro felt like burning alive from the inside out.
"Keith." He couldn't help but call out, receiving a few disapproving glances from the other Galra. But Keith seemed far gone again, lost in the pleasure that his teammates were giving him. He looked so... loved. So at ease, so comfortable in a way that Shiro's never seen.
However painful it was to accept, this... this was the closest thing to real community that Keith has had his whole life. The Paladins, while close in their own way, could never compare to the level of trust and care displayed here. Keith always felt like an outsider,-
was often made to feel like one in places like the Castle and the Garrison. A painful lump of something settled in Shiro's throat.

He failed him.

He failed to provide the comfort and love that the Blades were now giving to Keith. He failed to be there for his best friend.
He failed to recognized the love and devotion there, and when he did realize, he ran away from it like a coward. Keith was willing to do anything for him, and he turned it away because he just couldnt fathom what to do with such loyalty.

Takashi Shirogane took the easy way out.
"Keith...!" More growls arose in response to his voice, but Shiro didn't care. He stood up from his chair, his knees just inches away from the bed and his cock tenting his pants. The female Galra departed from Keith's lips and gave Shiro an unamused look.
"Keith, look at me." Shiro pleaded, his flesh hand curling into a fist at the way Keith's lips were now rosy and swollen. When Keith's eyes cleared enough that they could lock onto Shiro, Tetravik snarled and pushed Keith forwards, letting him fall with his face forward-
and his ass up in the air. The Galra's huge hand curled on the back of Keith's neck and pressed him down, fucking into him without abandon. Keith screeched at the treatment, the sound muffled by the sheets and mattress.

"Stay... out of this, Champion!"
There was murder in Tetravik's eyes, the man showcasing his fangs in a threatening manner. Even as he pounded into Keith, he was locking eyes with Shiro, daring him to come closer. Something bristled inside Shiro, and it felt like he was a wild animal all of a sudden.
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