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May 15th 2020, Ford was asked if he'd top up disability assistance during the crisis, as many vulnerable folks are struggling to survive this crisis on the current, below poverty line amount given. His response:
However, on April 17th 2020 Doug Ford made this statement and committed that "I won't spare one penny to make sure that happens"
(Regarding the priority to "ensure the health & well-being of the people of Ontario"
In March, Ontario gave funding to foodbanks & non profits. That was their bandaid for the almost 1mill vulnerable folks on social assistance: giving charities funds so that those at high risk right now must go out & beg at an already overwhelmed foodbank.
All we really need from Ford is just a small top up on our social assistance cheques to bring us to the poverty line, so we have a fair shot at surviving this global pandemic & economic crisis. Then we aren't forced to go out & beg when we are at the highest risk; or to starve.
You may be asking, "Don't disabled folks who did work on ODSP get the Federal CERB?"

Yes, However Doug Ford & Todd Smith are clawing back $900 for those who recieve the CERB.

Yup, the province is taking federal emergency funds from vulnerable residents
These clawbacks, which amount to $30 million total, were supposedly to "immediately" be put back into programs to help those on ODSP & OW who don't qualify for the CERB.

....My question is, where did that $30 million go?

(Screenshot is from the link in the previous tweet)
Now, let's say hypothetically he is telling the truth...Where did Ontario's budget go? Why is there no money left?

Let's dig in, shall we?

In 2019, over $230 million taxpayer dollars were wasted when Doug Ford cancelled the 750 green emergency contracts
It was revealed last year that Doug Ford spent $4 million dollars on online commercials and radio & television ads to campaign against the federal governments carbon tax
And who could forget Doug's Beer Store battle:

Risking wasting "hundreds of millions" of tax payer dollars by threatening to rip up a 10 year contract with the Beer Store.
& Most recently: PlateGate

In Ford's unneccesary $600k rebranding plan, he personally selected to change the colour of the license plate to one which wasn't visible by police & other drivers @ night; ending in a recall of the new license plates. This was a waste of tax payer $.
So to sum up, Doug Ford says there is no money in the budget, yet:

- wasted millions upon millions by starting unneccesary new projects which failed, & canceling contracts

- claims "We're all in this together" & that he'll "spare no expense", yet publically spared disabled ppl
All in all, we know the statements by Ford on May 15th are ableist & are most likely untrue.

And If they were true, Mr Ford has a LOT of explaining to do as to where all of the budget $ went. (Like that clawback $.) Not helping the most vulnerable during a crisis is inexcusable.
1 more thing, ppl that are new should know the current #'s:

#ODSP max pay: $1169
#OW max pay: $733

Only emergency help right now:
A means-tested monthly benefit of $100 max per single, & $200 max per family. You can be denied and the amount is at your case workers discretion.
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