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Before I begin I would like to share a still from the series to give you a slight idea about the show.

In the picture below a
Hindu Maharaj is shown cooking meat to Hindu Politician who is eating it in front Goddess sitting on Cow.

Now here I go...

So I watched this series called "Patal Lok". I didn't know a thing about it as I did not watch the trailer. I started with an assumption that like all other Indian Web series, this will be mediocre and will be full of anti hindu propaganda.

And boy I wasn't wrong.

If people here want to watch it , don't read this further as it will talk about key plot points and characters.

The story revolves around attempt to assassinate a Journalist (Neeraj Kabi who looks like Ravish Kumar. Or that's what i thought.)

This person is supposed to be left liberal. Has an affair with a certain Sara who is much more liberal than he apparently is.

The people caught are of all backgrounds (diversity is important).

Now every criminal they catch is given a backstory to make u feel bad about them & justify whatever they do. These backstories are full of usual bullshit fed by leftists. Upper Castes troubling lower caste who takes up arms & becomes killer & apparently it is not his fault.

A muzlim becomes a thief and all because since his childhood Hindus have only killed every muzlim. Like his brother. The background is of Babri Masjid and Ram Mandir case.

So his father is forced to say things like "Maine use muzalmaan bhi nahi banne diya . Aap toh use terrorist bana rahe hai." Alluding that muzlims can't practice their religion because of Hindus chanting Ram.

One of main villians is named "Bajpeyee", a Brahman, who carries cans of gangajal and bathes with it everytime he enters house of person from other caste.

All the villians are shown either as devotees of some Hindu God, or they listen to Bhajans before they do bad things.

One of the major negative character is shown as person who gives donation to Mandir. So Shiv Mandir has put up his name amongst people who have donated it. Implying that Mandirs harbour anti- social forces.

Everything that comes in relation to Hindus is negative here.

Contrast this to a very very honest police officer who is true muzlim aspiring to be IAS. He is definition of virtue. Even better than protagonist who still has some issues.

He is shown to crumble under pressure to look secular and progressive while his hindu collegeus mock him or talk about his religion. He carries his religious books and all too. But is very soft and good.

Now coming to plot. 4 people are going to assassinate journo. But are caught before they even reach him. And are questioned . Case taken by protagonist who investigates and finds some UP "Bajpeyee" and some Gujjar and their rivalry to be behind this.
And turns out that the journo was not a target at all. It was one of the villians itself.
Journalist is just convinient target to get rid of one of the 4 assassins called Tyagi.

While investigating this, due to some major stupidity, the case is handover to CBI, who present a completely different story saying that they are sponsored by ISI and were also staying in Batla House for a few days. 😂

Rest you guys can imagine.

Journo has a boss who is very corrupt and hates "left-libs" Journo keeps saying things like "Log twitter pe maarne ki dhamki toh dete hi hai. Nahito Pakistan bhejne ki"., When asked a simple question like "Aapki kisise dushmani hai?".

That's the level of series.

Now why write such a long post? Because like me many people might find it for the first time and watch out of curiosity. Please don't. You will do your brain, some favour.

Also, there are so many non political people who watch such stuff and believe everything in there just because it is presented in a web series.

I personally think that RW not paying enough attention to Media and Films. And it is going to cost us a lot. There's really no point protesting against such series if we cannot create a counter narrative by making films and series showing our side.

Given a choice i would have preferred not to watch this, but i did because i wanted to see how they infuse propoganda with films and series. And to acheive that level, our side will need many efforts.

I don't know if saying "stay away from movies " is even an option anymore considering the impact it has on people's lives.

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