The Cult of BAAL
[aka the hidden enemy]
Q references the 'Armor of God' prayer -

"Put on the full amor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes.
For our struggle is not against flesh & blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities
2. against the powers of this dark world & against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms".

The purpose of this thread is to expose the Luciferian Cult, the science & biology behind it's human sacrifice rituals & the psychology which drives them.
3. There is much concern that Luciferianism & child sacrifice due to the emerging discoveries this heinous activity, rife within the ranks of global banking, political leadership & the Vatican. All the realms of power on earth take part.
4. It's time we dissect this human consuming belief system b4 the Luciferians take over the planet & with them human potential.
Ask yourself was it really a fruit Adam & Eve ate that day in Eden...or is the story referencing something much deeper in the human psyche?
5. Further, is the version of Eden taught to you, the actual story or is it a red herring?
The Luciferians have their version of Eden which helps to explain their extremely ant-human motivations & behaviours throughout history & even today.
6. Luciferians have run the the world since organised human history began. They have been steering & shaping the planetary cultural vector since long b4 the United States, Rome or even the Egyptians.
This cult goes way back, & is also known as 'The Old Religion'.

7. They have maintained direct contact with a 4th Dimensional Being known as Lucifer for thousands of years. Lucifer is a parasitic, genderless, phantasmagoria. It has been anthropomorphised into human recognisable forms & names throughout time & all over the world.
8. It & a legion of other 4th Dimensional Beings like it, have been pilfering the human race since the beginning.
Luciferians communicate directly with Lucifer through the ritual practice of child sacrifice. This practice to evoke & convene with Leviathan originated in the cult
9. of Baal. Ball is just another name for Leviathan, Lucifer or Moloch. These all are referencing the same ENERGY. The Cult of Baal, which is the oldest cult ever established on this planet, is the ancient precursor to Luciferianism. Luciferianism I personally consider as simply
10. a formalised & highly organised cult of Baal.
Luciferianism is both a religion & a bloodline. Satanism is a lower echelon of Luciferianism for those outside the bloodline & wealthy prerequisites to qualify as a true Luciferian. Money can buy you into the Luciferian Cult,
11. but only bloodline accesses the leadership. The highest ranks in the Luciferian Cult are not voted in, they are bestowed rank through female genetic lineage carefully steered by the cult through select breeding within the 'blue blood' family lines.
12. Like a kings executive rulership is bestowed to his first born son, it's a similar idea in Luciferianism, but like the Jews, it's the female who carries the genetic that counts.
Luciferians involve 13 + 1 hidden royal bloodline families. Instead of just 1 family ruling like
13. an Imperialist, Kingly Monarchy, Luciferians have many at the top, so its a bit more complicated & integrates many more ranking memebrs. There is much disagreement & infighting & personal agenda between the families, but they all follow a singular agenda & that is to control
14. & rule the planet. Here is a list of the families:
Astor, Bundy, Collins, Dupont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynold, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn + *Merovingian.
The Merovingian line is the most secretive of all the L' families. They wield the most power as
15. they carry the purest satanic genetic. The 'artist' Marina Abramovic claims to be from the Merovingian bloodline. In fact she out ranks Bill Clinton who is a Rockefeller. Names are changed in L' to hide the true identities of the individuals or virtually every name in US
16. Congress would be 1 of those 14 families & it would be obvious a coup has been pilfering the USA since its inception.
More info on these families can be found in a 1995 pdf by Fritz Springmeier titled 'Bloodline of the illuminati'.
17. L's trace their bloodlines back all the way past the Amalekites, who practiced in these same cannibalistic, human sacrificing rituals. Bloodlines are desperately important to these people bc the blood carries Lucifer's energy.
18. ((They)) must keep the genetic pure from us 'normies' who are not from the blue blood line of Satan. Understand, these child murdering cultists believe they are direct descendants of the bloodline of Cain... as in the book of Genesis - Cain & Abel, the twin sons of Eve.
19. As we all know, Cain murdered Abel.
L's believe that Lucifer was literally the father of Cain, & Adam the father of Abel. According to them, Eve had intercourse twice that day, once with the demagogue & once with a human. She became pregnant with twin boys.
20. The key obfuscation in the biblical story is Eve's boys had different male progeny.
Lucifer was the first to have intercourse with Eve, & then Adam. L's believe the line of Cain carries the original genetics of THE LEVIATHAN. Not a Leviathan, THE Leviathan. They believe
21. physical sex is essential as physical action carries with it life energies & motivations captured within the DNA just like consciousness; the sine qua of human biology.
So unlike Abel, Cain did not inherit living DNA form his father, he inherited dead DNA from a demon.
22. Cain was missing the human aspect from his psyche/life force. In other words, Cain had no conscience within his motivation to action. He was a lion or a wolf, a ruthless killer with sharp instincts to hunt down & kill without remorse. Cain carried a predatory proclivity
23. inherited from his father which was not anchored in compassionate counterbalance like his brother. The core of a human heart is love.
L's do not foster the compassionate aspect as love is absent from Leviathan's DNA. Satan is not human, so it's seed did not offer natural
24. human DNA to match Eve. This is why they foster a blood thirsty, deceiving, sadistic characteristic of themselves. Humanness, the compassionate aspect, is abused out of them & replaced with deception.
They identify with Satan through lack of compassion, lack of humanness,
25. playing deceptions upon the world.
They take pride in this. The murdering, death craving, controlling attitude of Cain is regarded as the supreme motivation to action, not love, not compassion. The more greed the better. The more lies, the better. The more pain, the better.
To be continued...( coffee break😎)
26. The more sacrifices the more power inherited.
They believe Lucifer's blood flows through them, so demonic qualities are to be nurtured.
Like the Gnostic point of view, Luciferians believe a demagogue, Lucifer, created the world, & then like an agnostic, they believe the
27. Originator (God, Ultimate Reality, the 'that which is not that'), to be an unknowable force, past Leviathan, past time, past space, past any tangible reality/non reality that can be cognised. So the Originator to them is irrelevant. Do as thou wilt.
28. The apple in the Eden story is a metaphor which hides the secret of eternal life, & has nothing to do with sin. Human intercourse creates an eternal being, & Lucifer informed Eve of this by beguiling her in the garden to usurp her human power, for its own demonic agenda.
29. The old term beguiled infers a sexual type of machination. So Eve, beguiled by the demagogue, willingly engaged intercourse with it. She then took the secret informed her by the serpent, to Adam & Adam willingly partook.
30. Notice how the entire human procreation education, according to Luciferians, began with deception. Lucifer beguiled Eve so she would willingly give herself away. This is seen as fair play within Natural Law to the L's since both parties were willing. As far as L's are
31. concerned, responsibility rests in all complicit parties. A drunk can't blame the booze.
L's consider themselves as seperate & above the rest of us since the moment Eve conceived. They alone have carried the blood line of Lucifer, not us, so they are here to carry out a
32. Satanic agenda all the way down through time. They truly feel it is their duty to rule us ruthlessly, jsut as Satan their father would.
They have documents showing the authenticity of their ancestry. What do you thnk they store in the Vatican archives besides information like
33. 'Alien' species, the time of the origin of earth & the true beginnings of human beings? Likely the Eden story is a metaphoric red herring they posed to keep us from ever finding out our true origin. Not knowing ones origin cripples self awareness & psychological development
34. is impoverished. They know this about humans.
They prey through counter-human attributes like betrayal, deception, lies & theft. Inhumanity is driven in through systematic, organised MK Ultra-esque ritual abuse of the children within the blood line families.
35. The idea is to abuse out the humanness (compassion) & bring forth the Leviathanic ( deception) aspect of their DNA. Often children are hidden, & passed between family members to be abused & programmed by others in the cult. Kathy O'Brian outlines types of abuses they engage
36. in, in her book, 'Trance Formation of America'.
Ritual abuse, biologically is a systematic destruction of neurons in the brain which postulate humane characteristics. Through abuse techniques L's systematically burn out neuronal pathways in the brain responsible for humane
37. charcteristics: compassion, love, authenticity. THis is why a L' can rape & torture a child- it's bc the humane aspects of their brain have been obliterated through systematic abuse. They have no capacity for compassion. They basically are a form of serial killer.
38. To understand this, consider a child that is raped by a neighbour 5 times per week over a decade. That child will have very serious neurological disorders bc biologically neuronal pathways controlling behaviour have been over-exercised/burned out from daily trauma.
39. It will take years for that individual to regrow & rebuild appropriate behavioral pathways, & some portions of their brain will never fully redevelop bc the actual neurons have physically burned out from the voltage of trauma pushed through them.
40. L's have blueprints to carve the human psyche into certain behavioural consistencies from specific, preplanned abuses. A veteran L' family can & will perform abuses upon achild which they know cause behavioural dysfunctions the cult can exploit. This is why they have
41. introjected certain types of spiritual belief sysyems into the world, bc they know how people will respond to self inflicted, mental trauma. Guilt & spiritual suffering cause a culture to be developmentally compromised & therefore easier to understand, know, control &
42. manipulate.
It does not matter if you don't believe this stuff, THEY DO & they will continue with their plan to dominate the planet, keep it satanic & remain in full control if we do not wake up. No one is coming to save us, we must save ourselves from these parasites.
to be continued...
43. They will hold their position of authority over us until we all wake up & discover what's really going on to put a stop to their agenda.
The awakened cannot be unawakened & they know this about us. Awakening is our greatest asset. That's why it is their greatest fear.
44. We are like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz...we have everything we need already to change the situation.

The more convincingly the L' can lie & deceive, the more cunning a predator they consider themselves & the higher they are regarded in the cult. This is why major superstars
45. that pose to fund humanitarian aid for tragedy stricken islands, are actually extorting a natural disaster to make money.
How many houses were built in Haiti after millions were given to aid? L's embezzle the money, exploit the people on the island by selling their kids
46. & women into sex slavery & bid off the 'exceptional specimens' for ritual murder by the wealthiest L's. Years late r they build hotels on the island in the name of commercial growth, only to use the hotels as 'off the grid' child sex grottos for the elite to rape the
47. inhabitants of the island without any fear of getting caught. Despite what they portray, they are that depraved.
They regard the entire episode as a cunning stunt played on us, the cattle. As we donate to their con, we offer permission to carry out their scheme.
48. We are complicit bc we support their narrative even though we don't know what we are doing. We enable the con bc it would not happen without our participation. This is all fair play to the L's just in the same way Eve was fair play to Satan.
49. Can you see the pattern of deception?
Leviathan has taught them well...

Understanding life in this sense gives a much deeper perspective of the game they are playing, as opposed to the game you are playing. Not understanding begets fear, so they have kept us in the dark
50. about everything so understanding was not available. We are caught in an intended ignorance. Knowledge is power. If we are deceived bc of their lies, they simply are playing a more cunning game & so they inherit control through our enabling of it. Nature is merciless.
51. Our only option is self responsibility bc if you get caught up in a 'way of thinking' trap, only you can get yourself out. Nothing outside of you can be responsible for you. Fervent prayer may be a good mental exercise, but it does not unlock a trap. Physical action,
52. paying attention, learning, awareness, these unlock the trap.
Until we wake up, the situation will not change. L' power rests upon deceiving us into belief & then acting out upon a world they suggest while distrusting the one we actually experience. It comes down to that-
53. turning the human mind against itself until mental rigor mortis sets in & development stops.
Humans must defeat themselves to be defeated.
Listening to lectures from satanic priests & survivors of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) like Jay Parker, Cathy O'Brian & Mark Passio
54. estimate 600,000 to over 1 million children per year are destroyed by this cult in allegiance to Lucifer. How can this be possible? Well maybe bc the FBI does not keep track of missing children. Which is interesting bc the FBI + NSA + CIA basically track EVERYTHING!
55. From what we txt, to who our friends are, where we eat, where we sleep, what we drive... but yet none of those agencies track how many children go missing every year? Does that make sense?
So where I shower & where I work is more important to the FBI/CIA than human offspring?
56. The evidence supports 'Yes' since they do not keep track & thats the issue. They don't care about us. We are cattle to be deceived just as their father has taught them, BC if it was official that 1 million children were disappearing each year we would revolt- They know this!
57. As far as L's are concerned, your kids are their nxt happy meal.
58. Fourth Dimensional Beings feed on the electromagnetic energy humans emit. The same electromagnetic energy an acupuncturist accesses with stainless steel pins to invigorate natural force to heal the human body, is the same energy these insidious creatures crave.
59. We are morphic resonance imbued with consciousness & since satanic beings are parasites, they seek to consume us.
We carry precious natural, beautiful, perfectly balanced life force which they do not & cannot contain. In this way you are assured you are not a Demagogic Being
60. as the L's insist. You are imbued with energy a demagogue, namely Lucifer, cannot posses & therefore could never make manifest. In other words, a thorn does not bear grapes. This is your assurance of identity as a conscious, natural being. You are more in accord with
61. a metamorphosing butterfly than a 4th dimensional demon. Don't buy their lies about you. Nature's bounty is your Yin Yang inheritance, not your curse.
Do not be deceived fellow human. You are not, & never were, a wretch...
62. Leviathanic creatures do not have physical form like us. They are phantoms. Shape-shifters. They can manifest themselves at will & are not bound by 3 dimensional laws of space that hold us in a state of tensioned splendor.
63. They see humans as something to devour...nothing more than fodder for consumption. They are pure darkness & this emptiness/lack drives their craving for our life energy. They do not contain potential nor seek from life in ways that we can & do. We are a drug to them.
64. Leviathan seeks only to consume. It, not God is the jealous one, bc Leviathan cannot experience the radiance & fullness of life as we do.
65. Understanding the universe is infinite & therefore infinite possibilities are inherent to it. This includes differing organisations of life in dimensions outside our own. To assume we are the exclusive form of life in a perfect universe of infinite size & potential
66. is short-sighted, especially when considering the maths composing infinity.
These 4th dimensional beings are merely a predatory species roaming the universe looking for an opportunity.
They found one on this planet. To consider Lucifer as 'THE' concretisation of ALL evil
67. within the universe, is to continue a L' lie while inferring respect that is not due. These parasites want us to think of them as an overwhelming threat since threat introjects fear.
Fear compromises human will. They know this about us.
to be continued...
68. Consider what could be more satisfying to Lucifer than to deceive humankind by their own self driven fears invented by L's.
While you think about that, consider this... Lady Liberty in NY harbour is actually a monument to the female god ISIS, the mother of Osiris
69. - as in Egyptian spiritual lore. Osiris is the Egyptian precursor of Jesus Christ, which is why in Christianity, like in the Egyptian myth, human sacrifice is the transmogrifying ethos within the belief system. The cross is a plain demonstration of human sacrifice worship.
70. Yet counterintuitive justifications have been canonised to disguise the obvious. We are surrounded by their deceptions.
71. To the L' all of creation is a desecration of the Originator, Ultimate Reality. The earth, the universe, all that is, is but a tarnishing of the pureness of the Originator. As the L' see's it, life is a celebration of impurity. The cattle- all of us- are to be a living
72. sacrifice to this celebration of impurity principle they embrace through Lucifer. They are here to rule us into an inevitable self destruction which they orchestrated, instigated & are seeing through to the end. This is why wars through time have been global manipulations,
73. not chance occurrence between enemies.
Lucifer, the creator of the universe-in their belief- is a principal manifestation of impurity. Therefore, life is a celebration of filth. Think about that.
So in the L' mind, everything is reversed. All values. All missions.
74. All motivation to action. The overreaching conception of what life really is, what a human being is, what the universe is...all is opposite what you believe.
75. As the movie Dune proclaimed, 'Fear is a mind killer', & indeed it is. Sin is a mind control technique. Ancient Rome knew about the public what Satan knew about Eve...humans can be endlessly manipulated if they are complicit in the controlling mechanism. Judaism, Islam
76. & Christianity are all master control mechanisms. Western religion controls masses of people by limiting their potential through fear- bc every western religionist knows they are a sinner & cannot be trusted. Thats' called inculcated fear. Convince a world they are all
77. sinners, & they will never allow themselves to experience any other kind of reality but that of a sinner. Therein lies the con bc victory over sin is a pyrrhic victory since it only exits in your mind.
Sin is a hustle which frustrates human development in the universe.
78. It's a L' fear technique to developmentally compromise prey...which is us. Believe you're a sinner & you'll act out, live out & die as one.
As Ram Dass wrote, "if you think you're free, there is no escape".
79. We all have electromagnetic energy pouring out of us bc we are wellspring of physical & spiritual power. As we age, life experience shifts the colour spectrum of our electromagnetics from clear white (like that of a baby) to all the colours of a rainbow. So each torrent of
80. electromagnetic current surrounding human beings is of a unique colour signature based on experience, life attitude & the surrounding environment.
Our electromagnetic energy can be magnified when experiencing pleasure, but it's especially charged when we experience pain.
81. When a human is under greater & greater levels of physical pain, the electromagnetic energy coming off the body intensifies. More pain means more available electromagnetic energy.
Just like we transform physical elements like bread & water into mental energy,
82. these 4th dimensional beings transform our electromagnetics into 4th dimensional LOOSH. Loosh is a slang term for electromagnetics as food in a harvesting, raping sense. Lucifer & It's minions are extremely attracted
to our electromagnetics bc we contain natural earth energy
83. while holding a large potential of consciousness.
Children are most desired bc they carry the purest loosh. The longer a child can be kept alive under greater & greater levels of pain, the more loosh can be harvested from the child. The most amount of pain for the longest
84. period of time is attempted as this increases adrenaline load & electromagnetic output. That's why physical torture is an essential part of the satanic ritual. The sacrificing agent must be brought to a high energy output to satisfy Lucifer. Think of humans in terms of the
85. commercial production of meat when attempting to grasp how they see us. We are merely cattle to them.

A fully possessed, experienced, skilled Witch can keep a child in unfathomable pain for extended periods of time b4 the child finally passes out, or physically succumbs to
86. exhaustion & dies. By providing a living child to Lucifer as a sacrificial gift & bond, worldly power is bestowed to the Witch.
As the child is dying, their blood is drunk by the Witch. The ultra fresh, warm blood of the child provides an enormous physical energy boost,
87. enormous sexual arousal, large volumes of anti-aging constituents & a massive drug pleasure state similar to heroin. This is all due to the mass of adrenochrome (sympathetic biology) flowing through the blood of the child due to the pain they endured. Often L' rituals
88. climax the moment just after the child is murdered. All participants share in the blood drinking & a huge group orgy commences.
It doesn't get more disgusting than this cult, folks. You're going to be exposed to a group who has made deception, torture & consumption
89. a lifestyle...& they are everywhere. Mark Passio, a former satanic priest, claims the number of these lunatics in America tops 30 million, or circa 10% of the population.
90. The greater the pain being endured, the more adrenalin is manufactured by the adrenal glands. Children hyperventilate from the constant screaming due to the intense pain of the torturing procedure, so their blood becomes laden with O2. The high levels of O2 pushed into the
91. bloodstream from the lungs oxidises adrenalin in the blood into it's highly metabolisable form known as adrenochrome. Adrenochrome is a chemical asset of our sympathetic autonomic nervous system.
The human body can instantly metabolise adrenochrome since pure adrenaline
92. has been partially metabolised by O2 via oxidation. Blood becomes saturated with adrenochrome as the body attempts to provide the sympathetic biology necessary for a fight or flight scenario- which the child is enduring. But there is no escape for the child.
93. The Witch consumes all this biologic energy as they drink the blood directly from the child's body while the blood is still warm & pumping. Adenochrome almost instantly breaks down into useless compounds in the blood once the child's heart stops, so the blod is best consumed
94. right BEFORE the moment of death...meaning the child is alive & aware the Witch is drinking their blood as they die. The jugular in the neck provides highly oxygenated adrenalised blood straight off the aorta via a quick stab to the neck & a deep bite.
Vampirism is very real.
95. We were born imbued with all the natural force we need to heal from this parasitic infection. It's called conscious awareness. Awareness is realised through the self responsible act of knowing who you are, which is exactly what the L's do not want you ever to realise.
96. Bc if you did, you couldn't be controlled. You couldn't be manipulated. You couldn't be brought into fear.
Human potential is wielded not through beliefs or control mechanisms, but through a knowingness of, and an identifying with, oneself. All potentials rest within you &
97. therefore, us. Humankind must save itself bc the only way is through. That is the way of Natural Law.
Nature, which is all that is, has everything necessary to maintain equilibrium. This is why it is so important for each
to wake up so the Nature within the collective can
98. equalise & bring forth balance. The heart guides & shapes the collective through each individual gift & inclination. We create our own destiny in this as individuals & so a species. Each must do their part for balance to be realised.
99. If we do not awaken to our TRUTH, Luciferians will enslave us all to their bidding bc nature is merciless.
A self limited consciousness will be devoured by a limitless universe.
100. We all must recognise & therefore experience the limitless truth that we are to save ourselves from these parasites.

Truth can take any pressure applied.

Truth always prevails.

Be It...

101. "The greatest trick that Satan ever pulled was to convince the world that he didn't exist".

The END.

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Going to drop this great thread on the Canaanites by @40_head - which does a great job tracing back the origins of the CULT OF BAAL.👇👇👇
And this great research from @1FreeInhabitant - revealing an alternate history that has been erased/covered up by the Luciferians down through time👇👇👇
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They worship Satan!

gonna drop this here👇👇👇
Vatican Whistle-Blower Archbishop Carlos Maria Vigano has released this powerful letter to President Trump- warning him that the current crises over the CV pandemic & the GF riots are part of the eternal spiritual struggle between the forces of good & evil.
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