I saw someone doing this, and I want to do it too. Starting a thread.
1. A show that never should have been cancelled? - The obvious answer to this is #TheMagicians because it's me.... #SaveTheMagicians ... but honestly so many good shows are canceled. I was really upset that For The People got cancelled last year. I'm still not over the OC ending
2. A show you wish more people were watching:
Well first of all Never Have I Ever for obvious reasons: @NHIE_podcast.
I wish more people had watched #TheMagicians too because then maybe it would still be here 😖
3. New favorite show: (totally forgot about this shit)
But obviously it’s @neverhaveiever !!! I mean @NHIE_podcast is gonna be a thing so.
4. your favorite show ever: i'm a broken record here: #TheMagicians. Other than that, I really loved OTH and The OC. (basic... i know)
5. A show you hate: I hate the walking dead with a fiery passion these days.... hmm. I really try not to hate a show before I give it a real shot. I don’t like most reality tv. I really hated jersey shore when that aired.
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