1. OUTDAMNSTANDING! We've been given a SMOKING GUN. Watch for a significant drop in the democrat's push for mail-in-voting, it's coming. Trump let democrats make their move. Now, after they're too far in to create a new scheme for rigging the election, Trump drops a BOOM!
2. "...The U.S. Intelligence Community will lead all intelligence-based threat briefings to candidates, campaigns, and political organizations..." Bill Evanina, the Director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, will be the IC’s leader to this critical effort."
3. Do you understand what this means? Trump is VERY proactively protecting the 2020 elections by assigning the OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE to perform counterintelligence operations to seek out anybody who may be trying to rig or influence our elections.
4. This is not reactionary. This is proactive. You wonder why Obama didn't do the same thing when [THEY] said that Russia was influencing the 2016 elections? You may go with the knee-jerk reaction and say because #ObamaGate was behind it all! But, there's more to it.

Much more.
5. "The IC will continue to work in partnership with FBI and DHS to identify and integrate threat information, and Evanina...will act swiftly to deliver the timely and thorough assessments to those affected by potential malicious influence."

6. Executive Order 12333 defines Counterintelligence as “information gathered and activities conducted to IDENTIFY, DECEIVE, exploit, DISRUPT, or protect against espionage,
other intelligence activities, operations, sabotage, or assassinations conducted by or on behalf of...
7. ...foreign powers, organizations or persons, or their agents, or international terrorist organizations or activities.”

DNI Grenell just put the most powerful and well-equipped counterintelligence team in the world in charge of ensuring that the 2020 elections are not rigged.
8. Go back and look at the list in posts 4 and 5. Do you understand Intelligence vs Counterintelligence? Look at all of the potential threats they assess and gather intel on. Look at their targets...foreign powers, organizations, persons or their agents.

9. "EO 12333 (signed Dec 4, 1981 - Reagan) is the primary document governing activities not covered under FISA, and “specifies the circumstances in which the nation’s intelligence agencies can engage in foreign intelligence surveillance outside the US.” https://www.csis.org/analysis/fact-sheet-executive-order-12333-0
10. More from that link: "EO 12333 requires that U.S. person information may be collected, retained, and disseminated “only in accordance with procedures approved by the Attorney General" in consultation with the Director of National Intelligence."

Barr and Grenell co-operation.
11. Trump made it look like his focus was on fixing the FISA program. He looked unaware leaving Coats in place. That was the plan so [THEY] wouldn't know to create a backup plan. [THEY] were confident having Coats in place, blocking DECLAS releases and stalling investigations.
12. [THEY] had Coats' deputy Sue Gordon follow his every lead, learning to be a traitor just like Coats.

And, who could argue? After all, who recruited Dan Coats in the 1st place then begged him not to quit when he and Trump disagreed?

VP Mike [P]ence!

13. Trump now has an honest intelligence community at his disposal with the rights and privileges they need being automatically granted via EO 12333. There will be no fake FISA warrants or dirty judges or traitorous FBI officials to secretly plot and approve illegal operations.
14. This answers so many questions. Why did Trump leave Coats in place for so long? It was a setup so that by the time Trump did remove Coats from office, the enemy wouldn't have time to react. Trump made them look elsewhere as a distraction while he prepared. It worked smoothly!
15. The smoking gun baby! You're not going to believe the incredible timing or significance of this. Coats is told he's out. Then, this happened...

"The country's No. 2 intelligence official, Sue Gordon, knew it was likely she would have to eventually step down from her post...
16. ...but the timing of that decision became more urgent on Thursday after her boss -- outgoing spy chief Dan Coats -- INTERRUPTED A MEETING SHE WAS HOLDING ON ELECTION SECURITY AND ASKED HIS DEPUTY TO SUBMIT HER LETTER OF RESIGNATION, sources familiar with the events told CNN."
17. Coincidence that Sue Gordon was holding a meeting on election security when Coats busted in and asked her to resign?

That was Thurs, Aug 8th, 2019, exactly 282 days ago. And now, election security will be via Counterintelligence. That #282 is vital!

18. Coats figured it out. Knowing his deputy was going to carry out plans of rigging the 2020 elections to take the white house away from Trump, probably with foreign help, Coats stopped her. He knew she would get get caught and charged, maybe even for committing treason.
19. It makes you wonder why Obama didn't use the Director of National Intelligence with EO 12333 to do the spying on the 2016 elections. He had all that power to do so. There was only one barrier. Admiral Mike Rogers, director of the NSA and U.S. Cyber Security Command.
20. This could explain why Obama used the dirty FISA court judges and the rogue FBI to spy on Trump instead of just using EO 12333. If Admiral Rogers had to redirect satellites and assets to fulfill a "witch hunt" from then DNI Clapped without a solid cause, he'd probably object.
21. Does that make sense? If Admiral Rogers had seen an unfair or illegitimate request to spy on Trump or any of his assets or allies, without some sort of law enforcement case or warrant behind it, he probably would have blown the whistle on the whole thing and [THEY] knew it.
22. Obama used the rogue FBI and the dirty FISA judges to lie and build real looking cases against Trump's people. What if the sole reason for all that was to convince Admiral Rogers that there was enough probable cause to use NSA equipment and assets to spy on Donald Trump?
23. From 8/8/19 when DNI Coats and his Deputy Sue Gordon resigned under pressure from President Trump, through today - 5/15/20, as acting DNI Richard Grenell assigns a counterintelligence team to protect our elections from here on out, it has been exactly 282 days.
24. Why is that important? Because, Trump recently tweeted something:


The numerical values of all letters combined is...wait for it...282.

But, what's more is the hidden anagram I found in it. Scramble those letters and you get a couple options.

I worked the anagrams from that phrase. Here's my favorite.


Considering how this whole thread ties in with Admiral Rogers, the 282, the anagram...it makes total sense.

Thanks for reading.

God bless


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