5. Flu mortality rate stats for 2020 showed a sudden drop in regular influenza cases compared to previous years, indicating that influenza deaths were being misreported as #Covid19-related.
2020 flu deaths: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1113051/number-reported-deaths-from-covid-pneumonia-and-flu-us/
Previous years:
10. House Democrats BLOCKED an investigation that could have shed light on the origin of #Covid19 and given us more insight into why we had to LOSE OUR JOBS! They would ONLY do this to cover up evidence of horrible political sabotage of the 2020 election. https://twitter.com/SheepKnowMore/status/1257364039648399366?s=20
11. One thing is abundantly clear to Americans and the world suffering under what will come to be known as the worst and most damaging political hoax in history. The time to stand up against this tyranny is NOW! Get out of your homes. #DitchTheMask #EndTheShutdown -- END
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