This thread is made specifically for the people who are interested to find out more about Joe Biden and his legacy.
Vetting Joe Biden:
Did Obama's team fail to find out that Joe's a pathological liar?

How come many people never get to find out the truth during the primaries?

This is an official report from the NYT:
Joe Biden Anti busing -
This is a footage from ABC news 
Joe called himself a token black and he admitted that he prostitutes himself to the donors for dark money?

It's still the truth, more than 60 billionaires have donated to his campaign in the closed door fundraising events.
Obama is okay with this?
When Joe said that he wants to build the border wall and thinks Mexicans are criminals
What about Joe's racist crime bill that put millions of POC in perpetual mass incarceration?

How do we tell the people whose family members who suffered under this bill that Joe is electable?
When Joe destroyed Anita Hill's reputation and he failed to call three witnesses that could collaborate with her testimony. Subsequently, this helped Thomas Clarance with his SCOTUS's nomination.

Is this a pattern of how Joe respects women?
How many families have suffered and being torn apart because of Joe's Bankruptcy Bill?

How many lost their homes and savings to the greedy bankers?

Why didn't Joe protect the people and the little guy?
Joe Biden helped to enhance the fabrication of WMDs in 1998, way before 9/11.
Democrats controlled the Senate and Biden was chair of the Senate committee on foreign relations. Biden himself had enormous influence as chair and argued in favor of the 2002 resolution granting President Bush the authority to invade Iraq - Mark Weisbrot
Since the invasion of Iraq, ISIS took over and threatened the people. Millions have to escape the regions for safety.

Meanwhile, worldwide many nations refuse to do the right thing to grant them legal status to take refuge

This is a humanitarian crisis
The problematic part of Joe's legacy is not that Joe hasn't done enough, His accomplishments in the past have often been proven to negatively impact the people and society.

He is the reasons why the US is what it is today is he really the answer?

Return of Normalcy? How?
Why does the healthcare industry only serve the wealthy?

Why do POC die at higher rates in this crisis than other groups?

It's a systemic problem that has accumulated corruption for decades, which is part of Joe's legacy.
Working class unite:
Eliminate two tier healthcare systems.

Healthcare is a human right.

Healthcare should not be tied to employment.
We have huge crises ahead:
1. Climate Change
2. Ecological Collapse (Holocene Extinction)
3. Depletion of Natural Resources, which could create more international conflicts/warfare

No more platitudes, we needs policies and real solutions.
Return to Normalcy is not enough
Listen up GOP and DEM loyalists.

People shouldn't worship politicians. If they are corrupt, we criticize.
They work for us, they are not our supreme leaders.
When a pebble is thrown into a lake, everything, down to the furthermost depths, moves with it. If, afterwards, everything seems as it was, the level of the lake has nonetheless been raised by imperceptible, incalculable degree. The old order has been overthrown. By a pebble ⬇️
By Théophile Thoré
October 22, 2001. Joe Biden on the wrong side of history again

Always remember
Iraq was not responsible for 9/11 and there was no WMD in Iraq.

War on terror was a failure, because you cant fight ideology with bullets and bombs. It will only breed hatred
August 1, 2002
Joe was the chair of the foreign relations committee.
Democrats controlled the Senate. Joe and Bush administration spearheaded the US for the Iraq War.
Joe's been a racist his entire life. When he said tough on crime and made up the story about super predators, he meant that PoC should be enslaved again through the new Jim Crow.
Remember the financial crash in 2008? Bailout Wall Street and Big Banks because they are too big to fail?
Who voted to support the repeal of Glass Steagall? Find out yourself.
You aint black if you vote for tRump. You're white and an extremist.

This message is approved by Uncle Joe.

You see, Joe will never admit that this racist crime bill incarcerated millions of PoC.

It's for our own good.
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