I once was ignorant to the CFR, UN, elite banking families (Rothschilds) #Illuminati/ #Committeeof300 plan to DELIBERATLY #BRAINWASH #WeThePeople

using #MSM(all owned by them)

& by seizing upon the word liberal as a cover up for #NWO activites

Then I researched
"A man that is liberal" sounds great, humanitarian, innnocent♡

someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people—their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties

But this is merely a mastermind tactic to brainwash us, using a word as a COVER

ALL OF OUR MASS COMMUNICATIONS #MSM #FakeNewsMedia #Hollywood radio press tv etc censoring platforms like twatter

ALL CONSOLIDATED #illusionofchoice

this graphic is old, there was a merge👇
Using #MSM, conspirators use the word liberal to cover up their nefarious activities

May 1st 1776 Adam Weishaup forms the Illuminati & organizes opposition on political social & economic issues

Arm opposing sides, provide incidence then leave us 2 kill each other

Many have tried to warn us

this isnt a "conspiracy"

rather, the conspiracy is there are actual conspirators, working against us #committeeof300
They were refereing to the long ruling Illuminati/ #Committeeof300

Weishaupt, Rothschilds-who own every central bank in the world & funded every war on both sides since the French Revolution- and their puppets/descendants have manipualted us since the 18th cent
Have we ever been more polarized?🐴🐘

they operate under MANY DIFFERENT names/branches so we DONT catch on

they have one goal

to destroy all governments and religions

This is called the #nwo or one world government #owg

They divide&conquer, as previously mentioned
They dont care if NWO is achieved in their lifetime. They operate long term, by any means neccessary. This, along with owning our comms, is why theyve been so successful at slowly but inevitably reaching their goal of #owg

Imposing Luciferanian idealogy on us

They already do
The Council of Foreign Relations is actually the Illuminati, as is the United Nations

Remember, they use many branches and names and are ALL OVER THE WORLD

I.e British Inst of Int. Affairs

They even conceal connections via changing family names;US Sec of Treasury bros👀👇
CFR is comprised of chosen int bankers

Weishaupt, acting under Rothschild, recruited 2k paid followers in fields of sciences, education, finance, industry, arts etc

Then made Masonic Lodges for secret HQs
Weishaupt's plan

1)use sex/briebary/pæd0phılıa to blackmail men in elite positions of govt

2)cultivate elite university students, indoctrinate them to accept that only one world govt would eliminate all future wars i.e Rhodes Scholarship (this cr8ted international illuminati)
3) all influential ppl/students indoctrinated to be used as agents & placed behind scenes of ALL govts as experts to advise top execs to adopt policies which would serve the Illuminati NWO agenda & bring about the destruction of the govts and religions they were elected to serve
4) obtain absolute control of the press/msm to distribute all news/info in a slanted manner so the masses would be convinced that one world govt is the solution, surreptitiously via brainwash/under the guise of terms that look/sound good
Since France & Britain were the world powers in 18th cent, Weishaupt ordered Illuminati to start Rev. War, to weaken the British empire and org the French Rev to destroy the French empire!

He scheduled the war for 1789 & plot written in book form

What happened next will SHOCK
1784, lil ol' dude was riding his horse from Frankfort to Paris, carrying Weishaupt's plot outlining the details regarding the commencement of turmoil

And #BQQM, #GodWins

The police provided the EVIDENCE- outlining the Illuminati's nefarious agenda to commence War in order to divide and conquer- to the French govt,

So the Bavarian govt ordered police to raid all of Weishaupt's masonic lodges
All addl evidence discovered convinced them that the Illuminati did indeed plan to bring about a one world govt, by using wars& divide/conquer tactics

1785, they were OUTLAWED/lodges banned
1786, conspiracy was published
The Original Writings of the Order &Sect of the Illuminati
Copies of their #Conspiracy were sent to ALL THE HEADS of Church&GOVT IN EUROPE but the power of the Illuminati was too strong. The word "illuminati" simply went underground, and Weishaupt ordered his cult to infiltrate Bluemasonry and form their own secret societies within ALL
Secret socities. Only masons who proved themselves by moving away from God, were initiated into the illuminati.

In order to infiltrate British masonic lodges, Weishaupt met w high degree mason in the Scottish Rite, Prof. Of Natural Philosophy at Edinburgh Univ John Robison
Robinson did not fall for Weishaupt's bs, claiming that the Illuminati's objective was to create a benevolent dictatorship. But, he played it so cool that Weishaupt entrusted him with a copy of their agenda to keep & study.
Remember, church/state were so diluted with Illuminists, that the warnings were insufficient, so the war still broke out in 1789 as the Illuminati had planned #FrenchCabalution #QArmy
1798, Robison published "Proof of a Conspiracy to Destory all Governments and Religions"

But, he too was ignored. Oh look, it's available to purchase

#TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide #qanons #q #darktolight #cabaltakedown #obamagate
Supposed rivals, Thomas Jefferson & Alexander Hamilton were actually both Weishaupt's students

Jefferson infiltrated the Illuminati into the new lodges of the Scottish Rite

1789, Robinson warned ALL masonic leaders in America, that the Illuminati infiltrated their lodges
July 19 1789, David Papin, Harvard Univ Pres, issued the same warning on the influence Illuminsim was having on politics and religion to the grad class

John Quincy Adams, founder of New England Masonic Lodges, also exchanged letters w Colonol Stone exposing Jefferson/Illuminati
The Illuminati is dividing the human race into opposing camps, arming us, brainwashing us into destroying eachother & all political & religious institutions ⏭ #NWO

They planned 3 world wars:
1-destroy Czarism in Russia✔
2-fascists vs politcal zionists✔
3- zionism vs islam
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