PM @JustinTrudeau almost $470 million to support fish harvesters creating the "Fish Harvesters Benefits".

"If you're expecting a 25% drop in income this season, you'll get support to cover 75% of your losses, up to about $10,000." - PMJT
#cdnpoli #COVID19
Canadian gov also announcing additional non-repayable grants of up to $10k for fish harvesters who own their own business
"for farmers and aquaculture fisheries, we're also launching an $100 million Agriculture and Food Business Solutions Fund through Farm Credit Canada."
Again PM @JustinTrudeau encourages people to support local businesses by saying "buy Canadian".
"Pick up some Canadian cheese to help a local dairy farmer. Have a "fish fry" or buy Canadian lobster" - PMJT
#COVID19 #cdnpoli
PM @JustinTrudeau announces as of the beginning of June, some National Parks will be partially re-opening so people can use trails and green spaces "where physical distancing is possible" @ParksCanada #cdnpoli #COVID19
Asked if Quebec Parks will also open in June - PMJT says they will try to coordinate with the regions and provinces as much as possible, however parks in the far north will NOT reopen June 1 #cdnpoli #COVID19
Asked about reports of Canadians defrauding the CERB system, PMJT acknowledges it's difficult to prevent, saying the gov made the choice to get help to 99% of Canadians quickly... evenif that means accepting 1% or 2% of those claims would be fraudulent #cdnpoli #COVID19
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