1) I'm running for Congress, but not against a McConnell or Nunes, who everyone wants to help defeat. I'm against a guy who voted against COVID aid, despite having victims in the district, & called 383 other House members, incl many Rs, "irresponsible" for "rushing" it
2) …yet unaccountably, this guy takes credit for making federal COVID aid resources available in his latest email to constituents:
3) This guy, who agrees with withholding WHO funding during a pandemic:
6) This guy, who voted to repeal the ACA, and celebrated in the Rose Garden when the House passed the repeal bill (later voted down by the Senate):
21) This guy:
22) I’m running for Congress, in part because I don’t want THAT guy representing me. Please, help me flip Wisconsin’s Sixth District back to blue. Thanks!
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