Why are so many marketing events & success coaching events called Summits?

Works two ways and a deeper layer exists.

Those who host major marketing events tend to be the bigger players. And they call or theme their events around "summit" "peak" "10x" etc.

This name theme...
They likely learned from Dan Kennedy. But the name they use for conversions. It's a positioning method. And IMO beyond overplayed.

The big marketing experts like a Ryan Deiss or a Russell Brunson - they resemble a wizard behind the success expert curtain.

They sell...
All the tactics most success experts use. And I mean from the lessons to the marketing. They are the pusher man.

Success experts believe "model your heroes!!" w/o any critical thinking.

So they name their events Summits, or with the same themes. Thinking it's positioning...
But here's the deeper layer.

We copywriters call both events: Cattle Calls.

Even that guru looking to "empower you with actionable strategies never released before!!!" calls them a Cattle Call.

Cattle Call?

Charge a bunch of people to attend an event.

Then pitch them...
The stage speakers lessons: often a carefully crafted pitch. The copywriter salts it with "open loops." Where the content doesn't quite teach, but your curious how it does, and you close the loop by "buying" the product.

Some try rousing motivation - a heartfelt journey...
Facing some struggle, then lo and behold -EXPLODE into a new you.

This is a Tony Robbins template laced with Cold Reading. Tune into the audience with Barnum effects & more.

Tony, IMO is a mediocre Cold Reader but knows motivation.

Then try a scarcity/comparison close...
Regardless: the whole aim is getting the audience, ass out of the seats, and moving like cattle to buy products.

The marketing events are calculated. An incredible display of sales methods down to where the products are located and the pitch order.

The success experts...
Aren't as savvy. But they just use "you're not hustling! Your reality is your fault! But if you're like my best clients you can level up..."

And the goal: DRIVE sales.

Attendees pay a few grand to get pitched.

It's like buying a car, but you pay the salesman to pitch you...
The timing, the cadence, that "empowering lesson" all towards the sale. And success experts often buy it from marketing guys. And sharks exist at these events selling success experts their image and advice.

In short, when you see Summit or 10x etc. it's a red flag...
Unless you like paying a salesman to pitch you, then knock your socks off.
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