I just got off the phone with PayPal. There was an issue with one of my payments.

During the conversation, the customer service guy alerted me to the fact that after you make a PayPal purchase, you should go into your Pre-approved Payments, and Cancel the Payment Agreement.

It's in the teeny tiny print that you have to accept when you purchase something online, that they have a Payment Agreement with you, even for 1 time non-subscription payments, and this can access your bank account.

Problem is, if they company gets hacked, the hackers have access to take money from your bank account.

Crazy right?

I had no idea.

I thought a 1 time payment, was a 1 time payment, and it is, but they still have "access" that I had no idea they had.

You should go into your PayPal settings and check, and cancel any services that aren't ongoing subscriptions.

I'm glad I spoke with a great customer service rep.

It was a real eye opener.
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