People who want to trash our show tell me that I am not doing enough to be critical of #Trudeau. Many who want me to condemn him, want me to praise #Trump Once upon a time I would ask "What's wrong with these people?" But I don't have to ask any more.
Forced myself to watch an hour of @FoxNews prime time the other night, and I swear to God, I wanted to go for some sort of medical test afterwards - sickest trash I've ever seen on a news station. Person in #WashingtonDC who I find most difficult to watch is not the President.
It's the Vice President. Watching someone stimulate themselves by being submissive, sycophantic and obsequious toward authority, disgusts me like few other behaviors. #MikePence disgusts me.
Watching an hour of @FoxNews was like watching an army of Mike Pences. It's the kind garbage I would expect on a North Korean TV station. That's how I felt after one hr of this gruel. The people telling me to hate on Trudeau and love on #Trump watch hundreds of hrs of @FoxNews
So I no longer ask "What's Wrong with these people?" The answer is crystal clear. A constant deluge of filthy propaganda has over the years turned nations into whimpering simpering saps for authoritarianism. So to the Cdn @FoxNews fans who want me to come around to your thinking,
let, me make it really simple for you. Becoming a Mike Pence like stooge for #Trumpism would be the equivalent of spitting on the graves of people who have paid the highest price for being at the business end of the authoritarian's weapon. Not happening. Not today. Not ever.
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