By day, I’m an ecologist, but by night I’m a comedian! I’ve written and performed stand-up comedy for a few years now, but recently I’ve been incorporating science into my sets as a form of outreach. Here's my Science Slam set from @BritishEcolSoc #BES2019
While climate change is ‘no laughing matter’, acknowledging our discomfort about the subject & incorporating good-natured jokes about being a climate researcher can be a great way to start conversations about global change.
The trick is to find the right balance between communicating key facts and providing light-hearted insight into what it is like to study an often bleak topic. So - how do you go about mining your research for comedy material?
Try the storytelling approach! Do you have a lab or fieldwork story that always makes your friends laugh when you recount it in the pub? If so, you’re already halfway there to making a great comedy routine. Real observations & stories show the fun side of day-to-day science.
Puns - every research group has a resident punster! You can pepper your #scicomm writing or presentations with fun and clever asides - I’m not too brilliant at this, although I gave it a crack at the September 2019 Climate March.
Want to give it a try yourself? Many cities and conferences host ‘Science Slam’ events - science entertainment open mics where you can showcase your research. In the UK you can sign up to perform at Bright Club. 
I’ll sign off on this thread by calling for YOUR favourite science jokes! Do you have a real zinger you want to share with the world? Reply to showcase your talent.
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