You don’t have to currently be involved in a relationship to work with the energy of that relationship or with the current theme of relationships in general.
I have been super clear for this Venus retrograde that I’m not open to people from my past showing up in my physical life at this time. But I have been working with certain people’s energy in order to evolve, grow and expand through lessons.
This boundary of not allowing people from your past to return in order to learn the lesson is especially helpful for relationships that had complex endings, relationships where things got complicated and confusing and of course any relationship where you experienced abuse.
A huge theme right now that many people are working through is how trauma has impacted their intuition, their ability to see red flags and the ability to stay connected to their own gut feelings.
An insight that I offer context and frameworks for is how when we are overly caregiving, empathic and compassionate and our “empathy” developed as a survival skill, we were taught to ignore our intuition in order to receive love.
In these cases we were literally trained as children that the way to be loved was to prioritize other people’s needs and deny our own. Therefore the mechanism itself that works as intuition, gut feelings, alarms about others behaviors is traded in for empathic people pleasing.
Your “empathy” itself gets heightened however so does your subconscious program to suppress your own needs. This means your “empathy” is constantly reading others, tracking how you can please them, fix them, heal them, submit to them, cater to them, prioritize them.
This is usually around the time when these people start to refer to themselves as Empaths, even further crystallizing their identity and commitment to these matrix programs of toxic empathy. This is why I created the term ‘Retired Empath”.
To break down the mechanism even more of the dilemma of the Empath is through examining how this archetype runs their energy field. Most empaths allow other people’s energy to live in their energy field and hook into their second and third energy center.
You wonder why you have a hard time trusting your intuition in relationships? It’s because you have others energy actually clouding your aura and hooking into your energy centers that are used for person power, individuation and creative (sexual) energy.
In an attempt to wake you up from this program your higher self will orchestrate a soul contract in the form of a relationship with someone who catalyzes you, typically through really challenging archetype lessons.
This is why I always say the contract between the Empath and the Narcissist is to teach the empath how to not take on others pain, to listen to their intuition, to see and act on red flags. And to move forward in authenticity and true empathy, which includes empathy for yourself
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