Ways I connect to @ishehnaaz_gill
Ways I relate to her.Ways she took my heart
Feel proud to stan a queen❤️

This thread still incomplete.Still a lot to say. May be adding more to it in future.
Because words will be less for her🥺

Same thread will be coming for @sidharth_shukla
She makes her own rules and lives by that.
Then it doesnt matter what world says,she do what her heart says.

She is straight forward.
She cant pretend to be something she is not.
She speaks what her heart says. She cant fake it just to present herself good to you.

She is raw, she is unrefined.
She doesnt fit into mould of set principles of perfection.
She beautifully wears her imperfection and feel proud of it.
Thats what makes her unique.

She is a fearless human being.
She believes in doing what is right and stands by that even the world is against her.

She is gentle like a flower, tough like a mountain.

She doesn't give a damn to parameters of world by which they judge person's modernity. She is true to her roots and feels proud where she belongs to.
Thats what show open mindedness and unprejudiced mentallity.

She may seem naive, cute goofball.
Same time she can tell you who's the master of the sea.
She can make you go around wondering what she gonna do next moment.
She is smart that she will show you she know nothing. But from where your game ends her thought starts.

She is full of positivity.
She is a breeze of happiness, bundle of joy, ball of sunshine that brightens everything and everyone around her.

She may not be there in your best but she will be always their in your worst.

She has fallen she has broken.
But she has always risen like phoenix of fire.
She made her struggles her strength and made it from nothing to something.

She is kindest soul. She cant see anyone in pain. No matter how bad a person was to her she will be there for them in their bad times.
She will be there for who is alone.

She always keep a wall around her so that people cant see her pain.
But she expose all her vulnerabilities to that special one

She will go to an extent of losing herself just to protect her loved one.

She was ready to giveup trophy for her love.Though she told she is career oriented left her first project after BB for her love.She values love over anything
People will call it a stupid thing to do
For me it is most courageous thing one can do in love

She may talk things like she dont believe in commitments and one should not be constant in life.
But in reality she is opposite.
She is a one man girl. Once she is commited to someone she will give her all till the last.

She will show you what Selfless love is.
She give her all without saying, without expecting anything.

She is always fearful to lose her love.
She become fearless fire when it comes to defend the same love.

She is a bubbly, carefree, fun loving girl.
When it comes to her love she is mature, brave lady.

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