So it was of the utmost importance to find out who was on that call with Kislyak due to the supposed undermining of US foreign policy, but Samantha Powers can't recall doing it? Ok.
And just so the various morons (like ones that spend 80% of their time on Twitter obsessing over a single person) understand, I am not buying into the whole "Obamagate" thing. I don't even care all that much about the unmasking. What I do have an issue with is that information
subsequently getting leaked — illegally — to the press and it gets used as a pretext for a prosecution designed not to further the cause of justice, but to extract a guilty plea (ie, a conviction) for something immaterial to the overall investigation. The excuse I am getting —
that it would have happened to some lower-level person is not a valid argument. It shouldn't happen to anyone. Our prisons are filled with people who took guilty pleas for something because of threats from prosecutors to charge them for other crimes, go after family members, etc.
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