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@andynortondev @InezaGrrace @vanessa_vash @farhanaclimate & @Adaptedplanet on: What's the impact of losing public space for #climate protests? How are activists and youth continuing to combat the #ClimateCrisis?
@vanessa_vash, " #COVID19 has exposed the vulnerability of our countries and communities. It shows what we expect of the #climatecrisis which currently most impacts the marginalized. COVID should teach leaders that if they don't address a crisis at its earliest, it escalates."
@vanessa_vash, "The #COVID19 pandemic shows that leaders are capable of listening to science when the crisis affects them. They were quick to make decisions when they knew they were in danger. Leaders are capable of listening to the science of the #ClimateCrisis if they want to."
@InezaGrrace, " #COVID19 pandemic should open leaders eyes. Scientific data is not made up, it's real. The @IPCC_CH data on #ClimateChange is real. Now more than ever, everyone is willing to come together to stay safe. This is hope that we are willing to act to protect our earth."
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