To India and it's colloborators and their sympathesizers : What does India mean to us?
An India which has occupied the homeland with it's military might, stolen the freedom against the will of it's people, turned it into a large prison with no access to basic ammunition of life,...
... smeared it's sacred soil and pure waters with blood of it's youth, violated the sanctity of it's women, supressed all it's poems and songs, and hampered it's vision.
To such an India, if you don't feel any antipathy and rancor, there can be no mutual frelings between us, and no bond of friendship between us.
It's not a mere political will of difference between democrates and republics, it's a statement - of betrayel and treachery to mother land, of colloboration to occupation, of approbation of it's extreme injustice and endless oppression, and the approval of illegal occupation.
Fancying such an occupation can not be an option.

We just can't be friends, neither can we share any mutual feelings.
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