If we truly wanted India to become a stronger democracy, we should have installed CM (and candidate) Narendra Modi as THE Leader of Opposition to the government headed by PM Narendra Modi.

Surely ancient Indian science had licked the time travel and cloning issue. https://twitter.com/narendramodi_in/status/393690195423264768
Here is the leader of opposition asking for accountability for #PMCares https://twitter.com/Fekunama2/status/1259794111546171392
And here is the leader of opposition questioning government propensity to announce packages at the drop of a hat.
Here are a few instances of CM Narendra Modi presciently question PM Narendra Modi

I don't agree with what the person posting has said about U Turn Sarkar.
Another in the series CM Modi v/s PM Modi https://twitter.com/t_d_h_nair/status/1266563174607683586
CM Modi holding PM Modi to account. The series continues. https://twitter.com/narendramodi/status/1694540301
CM Modi holds PM Modi to account on #PetrolPrices https://twitter.com/narendramodi/status/205310790440460288
CM Modi holds PM Modi to account on #ChinaIntrusion https://twitter.com/narendramodi_in/status/333756200325894145
CM Modi asking PM Modi how long India must face embarrassment on the China intrusion https://twitter.com/bainjal/status/1280787168173015040

Sharp & Incisive questions from CM Modi to PM Modi.
On the #FarmersProtests CM Modi had an answer that PM Modi could have easily remembered. or adopted. https://twitter.com/RoflGandhi_/status/1333069644979077121
One more on the #FarmerProtest

CM Modi is asking a very good question. https://twitter.com/narendramodi/status/452753049648234496
#Emergency and #FreedomOfThePress https://twitter.com/narendramodi/status/462443398482247680?s=19
PM Modi scorned public protests and protestors and indulged in name calling. #Andolanjivi #Parjivi

CM Modi was a great admirer of protests and self professed activist. https://twitter.com/narendramodi/status/238913468344958976
Hey people in #WestBengal #Kerala #Assam #Puducherry, when you go to vote, salute your LPG cylinder as instructed by CM Modi, the best opposition leader to PM Modi https://twitter.com/Arun2981/status/1365714946609143808?s=19
In our continuing thread, we find once again that Narendra Modi has been remarkably prescient and ready for any situation.
Here is CM Modi 8 years ago, presenting his analysis of the #Covid19 speech (20th April 2021) by PM Modi https://twitter.com/narendramodi_in/status/309989144950620160
TV Anchors are to hold the 'system' responsible for the chaos and deaths in India and not the PM. They have started doing that already.

The leader of opposition in this thread, knew a long time ago what havoc the system in wrong hands will wreak. https://twitter.com/narendramodi_in/status/401974501862174721
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