Lee Taeyong being Jeong Taeyong

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(alt. title: Taeyong being the biggest Peachzen)

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1) 2018: Simon Says.
- Taeyong think Jaehyun’s “Bye Bye Bye” part was really cool.
- Jaehyun sings it for us/him and Taeyong doing the hand movements, cutely like a cat.
2) 2016: Firetruck.
- *jaehyun enters the scene* Taeyong: “OOoOOo, it look cool, right?”
- “WoAh, Jaehyunnie, chArisMa”
- “Jaehyunnie, you did a really good job (MCeeing).”
3) 2020: Kick It.
- The way Taeyong was bouncing & elbowing Jaehyun, all giddy and smiley as soon as JH came on screen wearing his infamous suit!
- JH’s smile from all the hype
- “He looks like a real movie actor.”
4) 2020: Kick It.
- Taeyong fanboying over Jaehyun’s scene even when it wasn’t the one in question
- “Jaehyun is so sexy”
- Taeyong all giddy & excited “it’s (the scene) here, it’s here”
- Best scene? With no hesitation: “Jaehyun’s suit scene”
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