Everyone focuses on Flynn getting paid by Turkey but the real reward for Flynn was getting paid to lobby for the nuclear tech deal w/ the Bonesaw Boys. It’s key to why they all colluded to steal the election. https://twitter.com/jackgo2/status/1260663969796296706
Flynn was so excited that they all pulled this off that he couldn’t help himself and was texting as trump was giving his inauguration speech.

“Good to go” aka Can you believe we did it? https://twitter.com/trcfwtt/status/1137182319100538880?s=21
Also, that rat bastard Gowdy doesn’t get enough credit for burying this the way Nunes buried it on intel committee
But it gets even worse because trump illegally sold them our nuclear tech (he loves creating national emergencies to bypass our laws) to make good on the deal. Yes, there were whistleblowers on this too.
The always brilliant @WendySiegelman has a great thread on this https://twitter.com/wendysiegelman/status/1097897492887289863?s=21 https://twitter.com/wendysiegelman/status/1097897492887289863
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