Nov 30 - exactly two weeks after Flynn is appointed, the first unmasking request to the NSA is submitted by U.S. Ambassador Samantha Powers. This indicates that there was already an ongoing official investigation predicated on a crime.
Dec 2-14 - there are another 15 unmasking requests submitted to the NSA by 12 different officials.

Dec 14 - WaPo publishes the first hit piece about Gen Flynn from what had to be illegally leaked classified/confidential material, which seems aimed at ...
Dec 15 - *17 new unmasking requests submitted by 17 officials, including Brennan and Comey, and five names are redacted still. (Hello circular investigation/reporting)

Dec 16 - five new unmasking requests, four names redacted. (Hello again circular investigation/reporting)
Dec 23 - Flynn speaks on the phone with Amb Kislyak for first time since he was appointed, days before before Obama announced new sanctions against Russia. Another new unmasking request, by Samantha Powers again. This was her sixth of seven total requests she made.
Dec 29 - Flynn talks to a Trump team official about direction with Kislyak. He's told they do not want to escalate the situation. Flynn relays that to Kislyak on a phone call. Flynn calls Trump transition team again and reports back. This was the supposed Logan Act violation.
Jan 7-11 - five new unmasking requests.

Jan 12 - two new unmasking requests. One is from Biden.

Jan 21 - Crossfire Razor email 👇

Jan 24 - FBI agents (dirty cops) perjury trap meeting with Flynn at the White House.

Feb 13 - Flynn forced to resign.
Feb 14- Nov 30 - FBI threaten to ruin Flynn, and threatened to do the same to his son, if he doesn't go along with what they want. Flynn is forced to sell his home just to cover legal costs.

May 17 - Mueller appointed to lead SC investigation into bogus Russiagate claims.
Dec 1 - Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI, even though they all know he didn't.

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