this is gracie nation!
— kait
amazing singer
prettiest person on earth
we say we hate her but we love her
sleeps in stores
her humor, that's it
— gray
doesnt sleep
the best selfies
live concerts on facetime
funniest person ever
— melody
biggest simp
good ass music stream melody
queen of gracie nation
great hair
— bridget
#1 bts stan
also doesnt sleep
pretty asf
disappears for days
also funniest person ever
— narda
cutest person
best harry user
brings gracie nation together
funniest craziest girl
sad but deserves the world
still not over bob marley's death
— orion
makes gracie nation gay she's cute asf
beautiful voice
deserves all the happiness in the world
— angie
nicest person
the c u t e s t
we all love her with all of our hearts
— autumn
makeup queen
definition of perfection
also nicest person
also makes gracie nation gay
best billie stan
most supportive person
— mia
queen of gracie nation
definition of talent
really supportive
the most beautiful person
we love her so much that's it
— lia
hilarious and a bully
best charlie stan
the sweetest
funniest memes
so beautiful
funny asf
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