I thought Trump was trying to create a distraction from the pandemic with "Obamagate!", the dropped prosecution of Mike Flynn and so forth.

Upon reflection, I now think something else is far more likely.

This was the game plan all along. The pandemic interfered.

Picture what cable news coverage we'd be getting now if the economy was humming along and people weren't dying.

Trump and AG Barr weren't looking for something big to give them "cover." 2/7
"Obamagate" and "lifting the lid" on the vast "Deep State conspiracy" was supposed to be the main attraction.

Trump & Co. have one trick: Win the news cycle. It's a good trick, but it is the only trick they know.

They would be undoubtedly be winning the news cycle now but for a stark reality's refusal to go away.

So why not wait? Well, Flynn coming due in court is part of it. Losing the news cycle every night was another, bigger factor.

Biden locking up the nomination and taking a steady lead in the polls was probably the biggest factor of all.

The surest way to get ahead on the news cycle these days would be to get a grip on the pandemic. Well, about six weeks of wishing it ... 5/7
... would go away, starting in February, on its own scotched that.

Disaster is like fire. It burns away cheap facades first. 6/7
Things that once could be portrayed as important, even vital stuff look pretty trivial when people you know don't have a job any more. 7/FIN
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