So i think Obama tossed the russians for no reason other than to have Kislayk call @GenFlynn to discredit Flynn as working with the Russians and that Trump/Flynn could be blackmailed. #FAKENEWS jumped on it.
Putin pulled Kislayk out the USA shortly after
I am looking further into this chain of events and will keep adding as i do.
How did McCabe know about the call before the unmasking by Obama COS Mcdonough on 1/5/17? Did Flynn have a FISA on him (Dragon Fisa) and thats how the FBI knew about the call.
Kislayk was friends with the Dems and was a guest of the Dems at many events. Who else did Kislayk meet with at the Trump campaign? Jeff @jeffsessions Making sense now. Is the intel that is coming out about Russia wanted Hillary to win going to show Kislayk working w/Brennan
Now this is where it gets juicy.
We know that before 1/5/16 meeting in the white house with comey Clapper and yates and mcdoughn that Obama knew @GenFlynn talked to Kislyak 12/29/16 while in the Dominican republic. Kislyak called Flynn and that allowed obama to see Flynn's name
Unmasked. So why did McDonough ask to unmask flynn in the 1/5/17 white house meeting when Obama already told them it was flynn? And why did @JoeBiden unmask Flynn on 1/12/17 as well? By the way that was the day of theYahoo news article about the Flynn call. Did biden leak it?
Now that takes me to the really good stuff. So the reason why they unmasked Flynn after Obama already told them it was Flynn was to cover for Obama's and Loretta lynch's pen register warrant to spy on them. That's why obama threw out the 35 Russians to get Kislyak to call flynn.
1/12/17 joe biden gets awarded the medal of freedom from Obama for covering Obama's crimes. More to come
Just now retired acting AG Whitaker just said that one of the 5 eyes or the cia was spying on flynn and kislyak's call and could have given it to Obama/Brennan.
Excellent thread discussing Flynn and Kislyak
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