The Ministry of Home Affairs, had in 2015 rejected sanction to prosecute, Jaffar Sait IPS, then Intelligence Chief, now DGP, CB.CID in a corruption case. The Directorate of Vigilance & Anti-Corruption (DVAC), filed 2 Writ Petitions in WP 2065 & 2066 of 2015 1/n
On 9 Feb 2015, a single Judge of the Madras HC, ordered that the matter be placed before a Division Bench for further hearing. From that date, the matter was never listed. 2/n
In 2019, Jaffar Sait filed a petition in Madras HC, seeking to quash the charge sheet against him in the Special Court. The only ground raised is that there is no sanction. Madras HC, quashed the charge sheet on this ground & it has been confirmed by SC. 3/n
Now all of a sudden, the Addl SP of DVAC, files two Miscellaneous petitions and seeks an urgent listing today. Sources in DVAC say, the two MPs seek withdrawal of the Writ Petitions filed earlier challenging the rejection of sanction by MHA. 4/n
Madras HC Registry too, has found these two petitions important enough to be listed during this lockdown and the matter stands listed before Justice Satheesh Kumar in Madras HC today. 5/n
When a single Judge of the Madras HC, has clearly ordered that the matter should be listed before a Division Bench, how this matter came to be listed before a Single Judge, that too during a lockdown ? 5/n
What is the urgency for the DVAC to move these two MPs during this lockdown after making no efforts to get the WPs listed from February 2015. Is the DVAC trying to hoodwink the Madras High Court and withdraw the Writ Petitions challenging rejection of sanction ? 6/n
The Charge Sheet against Jaffar Sait was quashed on just one ground = No sanction. Any orders on DVAC's Writ Petitions WP 2065 & 2066 of 2015 will set the clock back as it may pave way for prosecuting Jaffar Sait. 7/n
It is pertinent to note that the Madras HC has quashed the sanction against Jaffar Sait alone and not against his wife Ms.Parveen Jaffar and former DMK Minister I.Periyasamy, who are accused in this case among others. 8/n
Further, a detailed judgment in these Writ Petitions will be a reference for DVAC to challenge unreasonable rejections by MHA & DoPT to prosecute All India Service Officers, who always get away from the law through this sanction clause. 9/n
Hope the Madras High Court sees through the dubious design of DVAC which has off late become a murky den of mysterious maneuvers.

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