PM #ScottMorrison is really struggling to exhibit any genuine empathy during this press conference. Utterly insincere when he says "It's a tough day. A tough day for Australians." And the smirk and glint in the eye is there as he talks about his great love: the #economy. #auspol
Aww, #JoshFrydenberg also knows it's a "tough day". But he immediately boasts about his budget surplus (?). Earnestly delivering the numbers with a bored monotone. #auspol
And the review of the #JobKeeper program in June? The PM waffles and waffles and completely ignores the substance of the reporter's question!!! He didn't answer the actual qn!!! #auspol
The PM resorted to smug smirks, thuggish bullyboy aggro, "national values" rants, slogans, buzzwords & catchphrases, as he defiantly avoided answering the substance of nearly all questions. He then ended the presser perfunctorily, turning on his heel and walking away. #auspol
The PM's defiant, angry insistent bully-boy earnest manner does not make his words any more credible. And he doesn't like being questioned. So he resorts to long rambling answers to avoid answering more questions. #auspol
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