for those dealing with a fire sign;

your partner is going through an internal rebirth as theyre finding things out about themselves and their origins (possible family troubles). be their support system the same way they have always been yours. your relationship could be going
through growing pains as well, now is the time to purge and purify the space you two share together. what things have you kept hidden, what have they kept hidden, what needs to be improved upon? dont be scared of the things that are coming to the forefront right now;
a light is being shed to bring peace and transform the relationship and the two of you individually. as you work through these challenges, they will be hard and it will feel as if the two of you have switched roles almost, however, trust that you are working toward growth and a
new beginning in the relationship. harmony will be brought back to the two of you, you will come out of this stronger than ever. you two are laying a foundation that will be built upon.

some of yall seem to have hit a roadblock pertaining to an unexpected pregnancy, know that
this is not only going to bring the birth of a baby, but a birth in your relationship, this will bring the two of you much closer in a positive way, this change being the missing puzzle piece.
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