Mid Week Check in for the Signs: Psychic Guidance, Predictions, and Insights🔮💖✨💫 Checkout your Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus or any other signs within your natal chart that are dominant🃏♣️♠️♥️♦️
TAURUS♉️🍃: Taureans spirit is asking you when’s the last time you stepped outside? I’m seeing for a lot of you that it’s time for you to explore and to get out. A lot of you recently may have been feeling enclosed or entrapped in your area of living, I’m seeing that your energy
♉️Taurus. level this week may be low and the reasoning behind it is because there is a need for you to get out of the house, even if it’s for a little to take a walk, to get some fresh air, and to breathe in settings of nature. Some of you are literally making yourself physically
♉️Taurus. sick by staying indoors, in fact some of you could have been or might be coming down with a minor or slight cold because you’ve been keeping yourself confined for too long. On another note when it comes to love I’m seeing two scenarios, for some of you as soon as the
♉️Taurus. next 2-3 days an old lover from the past could be making their way back in, for the rest of you this could be within the next 2 weeks or months, in specific for some on the 2nd, 12th, or 20th, of either May, June, or July. I’m seeing in the past that this love may have
♉️Taurus. been one sided, imbalanced, and lacked in committment and effort. But I am now seeing this person wanting to love you, nurture, and care for you, the thing is is that this individual is still a little young in nature regardless if they are older or younger or the same
♉️Taurus. age as you I see that they have some maturing to do, so expect their emotions to be a little erratic. I’m seeing some of you again with the above time frames in mind could be reconnecting back with this person at a party, celebration, or an event of some sort. I see
♉️Taurus. you two could be listening to good music and others of you I see you having very loving and intimate times with each other, both of you feeling emotionally fulfilled, especially physically. For those of you whom a lover is coming back I see you guys completing out a
♉️Taurus. cycle and starting a new one, for some of you this new chapter entails marriage and children. Others of you I do see that you may be walking away from a particular love connection that has made you feel trapped or stuck and I see you focusing on family life. I do see
♉️Taurus. that some or you Taureans will be spending happy times this week with a brother of yours, others of you this could be a son, in all I see a lot of love being shared within family dynamic.
♉️Taurus. Signs you may be dealing with heavy WATER, air, and fire elements as well.
VIRGO♍️🍃: Virgos this week I see you guys being ON POINT when it comes to your personal style and appeal. I’m seeing a lot of you Virgos could be doing something beauty wise within the next 10 days and whatever it is that you’re doing appearance wise most definitely is not
♍️Virgo. going to be overlooked, spirit is literally highlighting the word “perfect,” flawless vibes here. I’m seeing that if any of you Virgos were owed money, I’m seeing if any of you Virgos were downplayed by anyone around you, if someone had caused an injustice within your
♍️Virgo. life or if someone left you hanging out in the cold, justice SHALL and WILL be served spirit said. So for those of you that were waiting on any type of financial news to come, any of you who were owed money I see it coming back in and I see this is something that was
♍️Virgo. due unto you, also for any of you who have been practicing affirmations, the law of attraction, or manifesting in any type of way when it comes to money or love, it’s working and it’s coming in, again you could expect this money or new love to come as soon as the
♍️Virgo. next 10 days. Spirit is showing me for a lot of you that when it comes to love that if you’re dealing with someone that has thrown you off your own balance, that isn’t reciprocating the love you give, if you free yourself from this individual you will come into a new and
♍️Virgo. profound love within again the next 10 days, for some of you within the next 5 months, I’m seeing August and October in particular being highlighted for new romances to begin, ones that are balanced, connections that will be strong, and in which you guys will both be
♍️Virgo. admiring each other’s beauty. For those of you that are in beauty related fields or for those of you that have been stressing about leaving a particular job that has wronged you in order to pursue a business career in beauty or blogging I see this being the move. I’m
♍️Virgo. seeing those of you who are involved in these fields gaining a lot of recognition, success, and admiration and I see your finances increasing over the next 5 months from it. Lastly for those of you who were wronged in a living situation I’m seeing you moving into a new
♍️Virgo. place anytime from this week going into the month of October. Whatever it is Virgo that you may have been facing internally that was a struggle to endure, I see you finding the strength to move forward and to be the best version of yourself yet. Signs you may be dealing
♍️Virgo. with in particular Libra, Taurus, Gemini, and Leo, could be Aquarius as well as water signs.
CAPRICORN♑️🍃: Capi’s this week I do see you dealing with a particular connection within your life in which you are trying to grow and expand in. The thing is is that I do see there being some type of distance between you and this individual, for some of you, you or this person
♑️Cap. could live somewhere near the water. I’m seeing that there is some type of toxicity being highlighted, whether it’s an overindulgence in drugs or drinking amongst the two of you or one of you could go to an excess when it comes to substances, or just the both of you being
♑️Cap. overindulgent in each other to the point where codependency may be an issue. I’m also seeing a pattern of the connection being one sided and not mutually beneficial at times, on and off again energies, a lack of commitment, and then for others of you there could be a love
♑️Cap. triangle going on in which things are messy. Spirit is saying that if you’re dealing with an individual like so to keep the energy light hearted, do not expect the most from this individual because they are indifferent to their actions and they are not willing to change,
♑️Cap. it’s best spirit is saying to release your attachment to the outcome, or to release this person altogether if you’re wanting someone whose serious. In all this particular connection is meant to be lighthearted, this person wants to play and they’re very calculating when it
♑️Cap. comes to getting what they want. On another note I do see that some of you solely may just be in separation from someone that lives at a distance, for some of you I see that this person could be an entrepreneur of some sort or they travel for work, others of you this
♑️Cap. person may be in the military, others of you if this is not a lover it could be a brother or father of yours, whomever this person is to you I do see that you and this individual could be brought back together under similar circumstances at a party or
♑️Cap. event of some sort and I see this happening within the time frame of the next 6 weeks. I also see some of you may be traveling within the next 6 weeks to go see someone at a distance. Signs you may be dealing with in particular Sagittarius and tbh all the elements are here
GEMINI♊️🌬: Gems I’m seeing a lot of people here wondering where you’ve been and what you’ve been up too, a lot of you have family members and friends that may reach out to you this week, and I’m seeing for a lot of you gems this could be people from even childhood that want to
♊️Gem. know how you are, I see for other of you gems that you have been nostalgic about someone or certain people but you haven’t had enough courage or confidence to reach out. Spirit is saying what’s the worst that can happen? You’ve been so sad and reminiscent why not send that
♊️Gem. text or give this person a call, I’m seeing there’s nothing but love between you and this person or these people that you want to reconcile with, now this isn’t a cue for you to reach out to someone that has left you in states of misery and destruction, this applies to
♊️Gem. past connections in which only love has been highlighted an energy of you guys had of drifting apart naturally. For some of you gems this is a sister, brother, and for a lot of you YOUR MOM that really really misses you, please call her or go see her if conditions allow,
♊️Gem. or for those of you whom are near your mothers spend some quality time with her. Within the summer months here I do see especially within the month of June here that a lot of you will be coming back together with people whom you cherish a lot, people whom you’re grateful
♊️Gem. to have within your life. I’m seeing for a very few of you in love that if you were dealing with a water sign or someone that has heavy water placements within their chart, as well as Libra or Taurus that you may be reconciling with this individual within the month of
♊️Gem. June or September, I’m seeing this has been a long time coming and I’m seeing that for some of you you actually may have not seen this person since last summer, I’m seeing a high possibility for those of you who resonate with this love coming back that you and this person
♊️Gem. most definitely may end up married, I see that if this person has wronged you that they’re coming in to assume responsibility for their actions. For my Gem singles out there keep a lookout for someone that is a water sign within the month of June, because I see a great
♊️Gem. love coming in, someone in whom you’ll feel as if you met them before, this really could be “the one,” so don’t close yours eyes when it comes love and don’t shut it down either, release the worry you have around love and allow it in. Some of you gems this week that work
♊️Gem. with social media I see you may be gaining recognition and success, others of you that are currently employed I do see that some of you may receive some type of pay raise, an award of some sort, or just recognition of your achievements within the work place.
♊️Gem. In all gems per usual within the next 4 days/weeks or even 4 months expect LOTS of messages coming in through text, calls, and social media as well. Others signs you may be dealing with other than heavy water, earth, and fire.
LIBRA♎️🌬: Librans I do see that some of you could be trying to figure out someone’s whereabouts recently or what someone has been up to that lives at a distance from you or this person has been emotionally and communicatively distant. For some of you this is a friend of yours
♎️Libras. others of you this could be pertaining to a love connection, I’m seeing that this person has been mia, or they’ve been lying, shady, or mysterious in nature, off doing their own thing, making you feel rejected by them in some type of way. I’m seeing that this person may
♎️Libras. reach out or you could reach out to them within the next 4-9 days or weeks, others of you could be reconnecting back with this person or hoping to reconnect back with this person at a party or event, I’m seeing a lot of you this party could be next week on the 19th or
♎️Libras. the 22nd or in specifics this party can be at 4, 6, 8, or 9 o clock, but there is just something off about this persons behavior, I’m seeing a lot of fire exerting out of them but barely any love or emotional input within this connection, in fact I see them being a
♎️Libras. little sour or cold in all honesty and I do see that if you’re expecting to see someone at a party as I mentioned in the above they may not be there or there may be some weird mismatched energy when you come together. Now on another note Librans I do see that some of
♎️Libras. you may be dealing with an extremely stubborn, unhelpful, and rude authoritative figure within your life such as a manager, boss, supervisor, I see within the next 4-9 weeks that a lot of you will either be leaving this place of employment or you will be working
♎️Libras. something out and negotiating a particular deal in order to reach a new level or height within your field of work, I’m seeing for some of you resolutions being made when it comes to this tyrnnical authoritative figure and I see you being content in the end. Aside from
♎️Libras. career I’m seeing that some of you Librans may be relocating somewhere near the water, or you may be traveling near the water within the month of August, October, and November for others of you as soon as the next 4-9weeks. Signs you maybe dealing with heavy fire, earth
♎️Libras. and I’m also seeing air and water. Just know Librans that everything happens for a reason this week, NO REGRETS, search for the good in situations and embrace opportunities that bring you happiness.
AQUARIUS♒️🌬: Aquarian’s for those of you who are coupled I am seeing some type of drama this week involving someone’s party behavior, I see that some type of argument or struggle may ensue between you and your partner concerning going to a party or celebration of some sort,
♒️Aqua. either you or your partner is very dominating and watchful of what the other is up too and I’m seeing some type of quarrel happening if one of y’all steps out and decides to go drink or smoke or to hangout with friends that your partner may not like. Now others of you
♒️Aqua. who are partnered may be experiencing some type of disconnect from your partner this week due to the fact that your partner is off and trying to settle their financial situation or I am seeing for a select few of you that your partners family or this could be your family
♒️Aqua. may not approve of this connection, I’m seeing a lot of family members and friends getting in the way of you two coming together. Spirit is saying that it’s best to totally remove yourself from any conflicting energies revolving around love this week, keep to yourself and
♒️Aqua. focus on your own inner stability. For those aquas who are single I’m hearing “a battle for your love,” I’m seeing two individuals one is very fiery, fun, passionate and a little hot headed and the other is very sweet, loving, is looking for someone to share some good
♒️Aqua. times with, but this one isn’t as confident or feels as if they are stuck when it comes to winning you over due to certain circumstances within their own life they may be facing, come by the end of the summer months I wouldn’t be surprised if the both of them asked to be
♒️Aqua. in a serious commitment with you but tbh I feel like it’ll be all too much at once, to the point where you’ll end up just choosing yourself. Others of you again that are already committed someone from your past may try to come in and stir things up within your existing
♒️Aqua. relationship and it may make you feel some type of way. In all aquas spirit is showing me that you are coming into this energy of freeing yourself, finally releasing the past, where you once may have struggled financially and may have had to be very calculating and
♒️Aqua. methodical when it comes to spending and saving, I see that by July you should be coming into a large sum of money or an accumulation of wealth that you have gathered for yourself and I see when it comes to the heart that a wound shall be sealed. Signs you may be dealing
♒️Aqua. with heavy earth and water but I am also picking up air and fire.
PISCES♓️💦: Pisceans this week I do see you overcoming a particular situation within your life revolving either a love of yours, or for some of you this could be a father or brother of yours. I do see that whatever has transpired between the two of you had left you feeling anger
♓️Pisces. resentment, and guilt, I see also that you may have got into it with this person within the past 5 weeks or 5 weeks ago, some of you this could stem back all the way to August or December of 2019 others of you this could have been within January of this year and I see
♓️Pisces. that you and this person may have just been watching each other from a distance, for some of you this person could wear glasses, contacts, or nice watches. I’m seeing this person rushing back in within the time frame of the next 5 weeks, before this person could’ve been
♓️Pisces. really shut off from their emotions to the point where you never knew where you stood with them, I’m seeing them coming back in and making amends, I see that if you and this person once had seen each other as enemies that you will now be friends, I see someone assuming
♓️Pisces. responsibility here and I see justice being served within this situation, I see a balancing of this connection. For those of you dealing with money disputes, legalities, or if someone has wronged you in any way shape or form financially or materially I see you
♓️Pisces. receiving your losses back, again within the time frame of 5 weeks. I’m seeing also Pisceans that some of you may be receiving recognition, achievement, and praise from either people within your job arena, people that may see your work if you’re an entrepreneur, or from
♓️Pisces. even a boss that may have been giving you problems, some of you may even expect a pay raise im seeing those of you that are in the health related fields in particular or any of you that serve the public or help society in any way you are receiving accolades from the
♓️Pisces. ones above and from those whom surround you that you inspire. Spirit is also telling me Pisceans that you do deserve to splurge on yourself this week it’s time to buy something nice or do something nice for yourself that you’ve been wanting too.
♓️Pisces. Signs in particular you may be dealing with Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, and Sagittarius, other air and water elements too.
CANCER♋️💦: Cancerians I’m seeing two different scenarios here involving love. For some of you I do see that when it comes to a particular connection of yours, this could be with someone you’ve been with for a long time I’m talking you guys have grown up together, others of you
♋️Cancer. this could be someone that you meant in June of last year or in the month of June of any year, I’m just seeing something about the summer months pertaining to this person, I’m seeing that this connection has served its purpose, it could’ve been one that was fun, there
♋️Cancer. could’ve been a lot of partying involved a lot of celebrating amongst the two of you, but I also see this connection had a lot of instability and inconsistency, and I’m seeing that in the end this person could’ve put you in a third party situation. I’m seeing you close
♋️Cancer. out a cycle with this person, moving on with unconditional love as they no longer serve this new chapter and phase you’re about to enter into. Now on another note I do see that some of you who have been single, within the next 3 months your single life could be over.
♋️Cancer. I’m seeing that many of you will be entering into partnerships in which you and this individual will be having a house and family together, for those of you who have been in solid commitment and there has been no third party influences, I’m seeing also that you and your
♋️Cancer. partner could be making a big move or adjustment within your connection some of you could be relocating and moving into together and the others of you will be trying for kids, I’m seeing some Cancerians on here having 2-3 kids in this lifetime with this person. In all
♋️Cancer. cancerians spirit is showing me that this week you will be coming off very passionate, charming, and brilliant in your appeal, spirit is saying you can do anything you want right now, this a huge time for you guys for a new beginning, you have helpful people around you
♋️Cancer. that want to help you elevate and grow, if any of you are moving upcoming here you’re being encouraged to ask those around you to help with this move. Signs you may be dealing with in particular Sagittarius, heavy air, water and earth.
SCORPIO♏️💦: Almost all hearts on the board here, it’s such a beautiful sight to see. I see scorpions that a lot of you this week will be coming into an inner sense of love, I see that you are finally reaching a completion stage when it comes to healing the heart space and I see
♏️Scorpio. it’s because you haven’t been letting your emotions rule over you to the point where you feel stuck anymore, a lot of you have changed your view when it comes to your external world around you when it comes to your connections both platonic and love wise, I see you
♏️Scorpio. feeling an inner sense of peace and happiness and it’s all due to all that positive thinking you’ve been doing recently. It doesn’t matter who or what comes at you, you’re looking at life as if it’s wonderful, accepting the good the bad the ugly, I see you remaining
♏️Scorpio. driven in optimism no matter the circumstances at hand. Now with that being said I do see that within the next 8 hours, days, or weeks that you could be reunited with someone from your past or you could be hearing from them, I’m picking up more so the majority of you
♏️Scorpio. will be seeing this person face to face, I see that in the past there may have been lies and secrecy and hidden emotions that were not brought to the forefront but this time around I see this person being more upfront and apparent, I’m seeing that this person may
♏️Scorpio. actually share something with you that they have kept hidden for a while, it may just all click or make sense once they do. I’m also seeing that the two of you could be coming together intimately here, a lot of sexual healing to take place. For those of you not dealing
♏️Scorpio. with a love connection at this time I am seeing that there is still a reconciling energy when it comes to family members or friends again an 8 time frame, 8 days or weeks in which you will be brought back together with these individuals in particular a brother or
♏️Scorpio. father again I’m picking up. Those of you that are in spirituality related fields, those of you that are mothers, I see you guys being highlighted for success this week, you’re coming off as an inspiration and someone that is selfless, because you are so giving I’m
♏️Scorpio. seeing that people who admire you want to give back to you. Signs you maybe dealing with in particular Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Leo, and other fire placements.
ARIES♈️🔥: Aries I do see that within the next 1-2 months here, it could be as soon as this month but for the majority of you I am seeing month time frames that there is a particular person that will be trying to come back into your life, for some of you this is a platonic
♈️Aries. connection, others of you this is a love connection. I am seeing for a lot of you this could either be a fire sign such as yourself, or an air sign, I’m also picking up earth. I do see that you and this person could’ve had a profound friendship regardless if this is a
♈️Aries. lover or not I’m seeing the basis of this connection being a friendship, I’m seeing that there has been some type of argument or disagreement over something being one sided, I do see that this person could’ve involved you in a third party for some of you, when this
♈️Aries. person comes back in spirit is wanting you to take caution, it’s important that this person respects you, make sure you’re staying in your integrity and that you’re being honest and open in communication when discussing things with this person, spirit is showing me that
♈️Aries. you may need more time to yourself before you can reconnect with this person, stay rational in your thinking when it comes to this connection as I do see that a lot of you are working on a particular project, or job task that requires a lot of you and you may not even
♈️Aries. have time to allow this person back in. Others of you you may be dealing with a particular work setting or group collab in which it’s important for you to take the lead and to take charge, I see you being principled in your approach and you’re meant to be the one whose
♈️Aries. calls the shots. Same thing goes for those of you who are dealing with legalities, stay ambitious in what it is that you’re setting out to achieve from this situation, stand your grand, and be objective. Signs you maybe reliant with in particular Gemini, Sagittarius,
♈️Aries. Taurus, and Aries such as yourself, again I’m also picking up earth, air, and other water elements.
LEO♌️🔥: Lions this week I most definitely see y’all chatting it up with one of your friends and spilling the latest tea lol, but I would be mindful of what you say as news or information could get spread like wildfire. I’m also seeing that some of you Lions on here have a
♌️Leo. friendship group of 3 in particular, I’m seeing that one of the group members could have been flaky or there was some type of inconsistency when it came to this person sharing amongst the group or checking in. This person is coming back within the next 3 days or weeks and
♌️Leo. and I see them filling you in on what’s been happening and I see all of you all sharing some type of good times with one another, a lot of you could be drinking or smoking whatever your cup of tea is together lol. Now for some of you this could just be one person in
♌️Leo. particular that’s coming back in for some of you this could be a friend, and others of you this could be a sister or a motherly figure of some sort within your life, I do see you reuniting with them and I see you both laying to rest what was no longer serving the both of
♌️Leo. you within this connection. Now for those of you who are dealing with inconsistency regarding love spirit is wanting you to seek out other possibilities and to be aware of your own emotions when it comes to this connection, as I see that this person is putting you in some
♌️Leo. type of love triangle that doesn’t serve you, also be aware of drinking excessively this week as you could really getting in your feelings when it comes to this person. Now for a very few of you on here you may experience some type of weird mystical or paranormal
♌️Leo. experiences such as coincidental and coinciding synchronicities with someone close to you, others of you not to scare you but I feel like something could like move within your vicinity lol so maybe it would be good to cleanse. I see 333 coming out for you guys that in
♌️Leo. cartomancy represents awareness on a higher plane, your guides may be connecting with you through this number so when you see it remember what you were thinking of in the moment. Some of you NEED to get your car fixed and should do so within the next 3 days. Signs you may
♌️Leo. be dealing with Cancer in particular, other water placements, Gemini, other air placements, and earth, fire too..
SAGITTARIUS♐️🔥: Sagi’s I do see that within the next 9 days or by the month of July here that someone that’s hot and cold in energy could be reaching out to you, I see that this person holds back a lot because they feel as if they don’t have enough to offer you, there is a lot
♐️Sag. of inner doubt and self worry that keeps this person from communicating with you in a consistent way, because of so I’m seeing that this person may hit you up only or in the future coming up here while they are drunk or high. If this someone is a love connection of yours I
♐️Sag. do see that spirit is saying it’s best to remain causal with this individual as I see that you are doing just fine and minding your own while upping your finances, I’m also seeing that spirit is showing me that there is someone else that you’re supposed to be having a new
♐️Sag. beginning with and that will for a lot of you lead to marriage and kids, so spirit is saying not to settle for less and for this connection as I do see that you would be the one who would have to carry it all on your own. Now if this is a friend coming back I do see that
♐️Sag. this person could actually be trying quit an indulgence problem that they had and are trying to get sober, they may be coming to you to seek out guidance or moral support so be gentle with them. I’m seeing if you guys are waiting on a payment from someone or something that
♐️Sag. it most likely will come in within the month of July if not within the next 9 days. Now I’m also seeing a lot of you Sagi’s working hard to make extra money right now but spirit is wanting you to allow yourself to either spend some of it on things that you need or to put
♐️Sag. it aside so later on you can use it to travel because I do see that you are in desperate need of taking some time off and a vacay...I’m also seeing Sagi’s that it’s important for you to ask others for help or to appoint other jobs and tasks to those around you as you have
♐️Sag. been holding everyone and everything together all on your own, it’s time to receive assistance, you don’t have to do your work and other peoples work around you, you’ve done enough and it’s time for you to relax. Signs you may be dealing with Sagittarius as yourself, air,
♐️Sag. water, and earth sign placements.
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