A lot of Trump supporters respond to even those who provide specific fact-based criticisms of the things he does by accusing all who do so of “hating” him.

Well, let’s turn that argument around for a minute, shall we?

What have you guys said about other politicians? https://twitter.com/thevaluesvoter/status/1260642766918475776
There ARE people who hate Trump, just as there were people who hated Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter and every President since the founding of our Republic.

But pointed criticism is not in itself hatred. It’s criticism.
If criticizing Trump over things that he’s definitely done, providing facts to support the criticism, is “hatred,” think about the things that those out there who accuse every Trump critic of supposed hatred have said about others.
What did you #MAGA folks say about Obama? Was your commentary of him limited to fact-based criticisms of his policies and style? Or were you among the folks calling his wife an ape and calling him a Muslim terrorist? Be honest - your tweets are still out there.
And we don’t even have to go that far. Shucks. What are you saying today about Bush, McCain and Romney? Guys that some of you VOTED for. But now, to some of you, McCain is somehow a traitor, Bush somehow failed the country and Romney is supposedly the devil. But we hate Trump?
Let’s put it plainly. There are some people who hate Trump. And there are some people who don’t hate him at all but are honest and outspoken about who he is and what he does. But this isn’t the thing you need to focus on. Let’s talk about you.
Some of you hate people that Trump hates just because he hates them - like former Republican Presidential candidates you yourself voted for, war heroes and lifelong conservatives.

And some of you love those who Trump claims to love. Disgraced Generals who committed crimes, etc.
And some of you think that everyone who criticized your Idol, even when they simply state facts about things he does, is guilty of hating him.

The reason you feel this way is because of yourself. Not because of us.
Whenever you get to the point where you like everyone that a person likes, hate everyone who they hate and see every fair criticism of them as a form of spit-filled hate, the issue is that you have an Idol. We’re saying unflattering things about your idol though they are true.
Instead of asking “why do you hate Trump?” every time somebody, let’s say, quotes him directly, ask yourself why it is that you have such an intense devotion to a man. Is it even healthy to follow the lead of another man to this degree?
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