Wrong again–the ON order is for emergencies, and we’re already doing it. But that’s not the point: the @albertaNDP want to take over continuing care, bc they just can’t stand that it’s delivered by independent partners. They can’t help themselves: it’s all politics all the time. https://twitter.com/RachelNotley/status/1260668122387763200
Dr. Hinshaw has laid out rigorous standards for cont. care, and our government is supporting operators with funding for 1,000 more Health Care Aides, 1,000 HCA student practicums, and a $2/hr wage top-up.
Our operators do a great job – public, private, voluntary, and not-for profit. When they can’t meet their residents’ needs for whatever reason, AHS can and will take over management.
That’s the difference between our government and the NDP: we think that should be a last resort, only when needed to protect residents. To the NDP, it’s the point: the pandemic is just another reason to push the ideological agenda that Albertans rejected a year ago.
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