It’s like people can’t accept that Hazaras are systematically targeted in Afghanistan without taking personal offence. This isn’t about you. This is about the Hazara people being ostracised, time and time again, for their ETHNIC and RELIGIOUS differences. Don’t PLAY dumb.
YES, all Afghans are victims of war and violence. NO, nobody is blaming you or your particular ethnic group for this injustice. YES, we are all Afghan but our struggles are nuanced, not black and white. Instead of virtue signalling, call out nationalism HEAD ON.
I cannot ignore this stupid bickering I see on the tl any longer. The majority of these people clearly come on here to regurgitate what their parents have told them and have absolutely no idea what true SOLIDARITY means. I am tired of it.
SOLIDARITY doesn’t mean tweeting EMPTY words about ‘unity’ just to make yourself feel better. SOLIDARITY means speaking the truth unapologetically and ADMITTING that racism (in general) and towards Hazaras IN PARTICULAR is a scourge in our society that needs to be eradicated.
Hazaras have had their identity stripped from them by those who consider them more Mongolian than Afghan. Hazaras have had their faith stripped from them by those who fail to recognise Shias as Muslims. These two factors have made their killing a sport in Afghanistan.
Hazaras have endured enslavement, genocide, racial abuse, political & social exclusion and continue to suffer at the hands of nationalist scum. As non-Hazaras we must stand in solidarity with our Hazara brethren and ensure we put an end to this disgraceful barbarism and cruelty.
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