The lockdown should be both a wakeup call to the Northern region, and an opener to the Southern region.

Two months of each region keeping to themselves in Coronarvirus lockdown, thousands of youths from Northern region have continued to embark on Nicodemus night journeys
or perilous trekking exodus to reach the Southern region in order to escape impending hardships and hunger.

No Southerner wants to travel to the North, at least not this moment of Coronarvirus epidemic.
This is a wakeup call to Northern youths that they have been nothing but tools used by their religious leaders and political elites for the comfort of themselves and their immediate family members.
This is a reminder of my previous predictions that if and whenever Nigeria divides or True Federalism is practiced, the Northern region would be immersed in lawlessness driven by hunger and religious violence.
After more than 60 years of "Born to rule" mentality, yet hunger and disease is rife

You can argue all you want or employ the theatrics of political correctness, but reality stares us all in the face.

Allah Kaduna
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