If you're unable to attend and have some good questions, I'm happy to relay them.
His support for red flag laws would also be good to ask about.

I'd be curious to hear about what sort of stimulus and support the American workforce deserves right now as well.
It begins in three minutes.
Crenshaw just said "Obama was pretty good on the border"
"[conservatives] are always looking for someone who has betrayed them"

"If the left is power hungry, the right is paranoid"

"They're 'RINO hunters' they don't care about winning, they care about screaming the loudest"
All of these questions have been prescreened so far. They just had a TPUSA girl on.
Crenshaw just said he doesn't know what the Hart-Celler act is.
Crenshaw just said that immigrants are doing the jobs that Americans won't do.
"for some reason the people that speak English just won't work there"
"Ben Shapiro has led this generation in a great way"
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